The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Release Date, Cast, And What To Expect

The Forbidden Marriage is an amazing series, and if you are a K-drama fan, you must watch it to learn more about it. There was no doubt that 2022 was a year filled with great K dramas, and there is no doubt that historical dramas will always be in demand.

There is no doubt that The Forbidden Marriage is one of the most popular dramas on television today. Cheon Ji Hye has penned a history romantic and comedy-drama series called The Forbidden Marriage, which is a continuation of his historical romance novels.


The first is still ongoing, and the fans have started expecting season 2 of the series. Thus in this article, we have talked about the Kdrama The Forbidden Marriage season 2 release date.

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Release Date

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Release Date

Currently, The Forbidden Marriage is in the middle of its first season, but fans of the drama have been captivated by the storyline of the show so much that they can’t resist asking more about the series.


Nevertheless, the makers of season 2 still haven’t revealed any information regarding when season 2 will be released. Despite that, we still know that the series’ first season is still ongoing, so we are still determining when we will be able to see any specific release date for season 2.

Currently, MBC has not yet shared any official statements regarding the drama’s second season, and we may have to wait for a while before we hear any updates on the series.

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Cast

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Characters


Regarding the cast of season 2, we cannot say anything at this time. Based on the drama in the first season, the cast is likely to return for season 2 if the drama is any indication.

  • Park Ju-Hyun as Ye So Rang
  • Kim Young-Dae as Lee Heon
  • Kim Woo-Seok as Lee Shin-Won
  • Kim Min Joo as The Crown Princess
  • An Ja-Yeon
  • Jung Bo Min as Hae Young

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Plot

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Plot

During this drama, we learn about Lee Heon, the King of Joseon who formerly held the title of Crown Prince of Joseon, but has been traumatized by the loss of his wife seven years ago, so he is still holding on to the memories of her death.

The royal family of Joseon created a law for the people of Joseon not to get married until and unless the king got married again after the death of the crown princess due to the fact that the king did not marry anyone again after the death of the crown princess.

It was not long before the king found out that Ye So Rang was actually a fraud, and she attempted to get married to other people by saying that the ghost of the crown princess had possessed her.

She has told many lies in the past, and there are many more to come. At this point, things started to get complicated for So Rang as she attracted The King’s attention.

Despite Lee Yeon’s initial attraction to So Rang, the story continues. There is more to come. Hence, if Season 2 is to be released, then the plot will be full of twist and turn. Definitely, there will be a lot of interest in the plot among fans.

The Forbidden Marriage Season 2 Trailer

Because season 1 is still ongoing, we cannot expect a trailer for season 2 at the moment, as we have mentioned above. As for the second season, it is unknown as of yet when the makers will reveal any updates regarding it.

In the meantime, take a look at the trailer for season 1, which we have included in the link below.

Where To Watch The Forbidden Marriage Season 2?

The people who haven’t watched this series yet may wonder where they can watch such a great series if they haven’t already. You can watch this drama on both Viki and Prime Video for free.

If season 2 arrives, we are confident it will be available on the same streaming service as in season 1.

Final Word

After the release of a few episodes of The Forbidden Marriage, there is no doubt that the show attracted a large following of fans and critics right away.

A great deal of craze has been generated for the new season, which is why fans are holding very high expectations for season 2.