The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date Could Take Longer To Arrive On The Horizon!

A Korean drama called The Golden Spoon is regarded as one of the most anticipated dramas of all time. It has been so long since the release date of this drama that the fans have been eagerly awaiting its arrival and cannot wait to see more.

This drama has gained a lot of popularity because it is Sung Jae’s first K-Drama after his military discharge, and that’s why the series got so popular.


And now, after the release of season 1, the fans of the series are demanding season 2. A lot of fans keep asking for more episodes of this drama, and we cannot deny that they are very interested in seeing it continue.

Therefore, today in this article, we have tried our best to provide all the possible information, and it also includes The Golden Spoon season 2 release date.

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date

The Golden Spoon Season 2 Release Date


Now that the second season of The Golden Spoon has not been announced, a bunch of questions are circulating all over the Internet.

Golden Spoon is a Webcomic based on the popular Webcomic Geumsujeo by gp04fb. During its first season, the drama has already attracted a huge fan base that has taken to watching the show religiously.

Unfortunately, there hasn’t been any information released by the makers of the series regarding when Season 2 will be released. Due to this, we cannot claim anything in advance about the show’s second season.


The Gloden Spoon Season 2 Cast

The Gloden Spoon Season 2 Cast

Star Cast is one of the popular factors that influence the success of the series very much. However, we cannot claim anything in advance, but we can say that season 2 will have the same star cast as season 1.

  • BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae as Lee Seung Cheon
  • DIA’s Jung Chae Yeon as Na Juhee
  • Momoland’s former member Yeon Woo as Oh Yeo Jin
  • Lee Jong Won as Hwang Tae Yong
  • Choi Dae Chul as Lee Cheol
  • Han Chae Ah as Jin Sun Hye
  • Seung You as Lee Seung A
  • Choi Won Young as Hwang Hyeon Do
  • Son Yeo Eun as Seo Young Sin
  • Chang Ryul as Seo Joon Tae
  • Son Woo Hyun as Jang Mun Gi
  • Na In Woo as Han Sung Hoon
  • Kim Kang Min as Park Jang Gun
  • Song Ok Suk

The Gloden Spoon Season 2 Plot

The Gloden Spoon Season 2 Plot

A fantasy drama named The Golden Spoon tells the story of Lee Seung Cheon, a school student and a very poor person who witnesses the deterioration of his life as time passes.

In one incident, Seung Cheon discovers a golden spoon and then eats three meals at Tae Yong’s house, which is the home of Tae Yong, the most popular and richest student at the school.

As soon as Seung Cheon and Tae Yong have eaten three meals together at Tae Yong’s home, the two swap locations, and Seung Cheon begins to live as Tae Yong.

As a result, Seung Cheon enjoys the lifestyle he chooses,s but things do not turn out the way he had expected. His exchange of place with Tae Yong began to have more consequences as a result of the swap.

The Golden Spoon’s last episode was filled with twists and turns that kept the audience guessing until the very end. As for the last episode, there were definitely many surprises that happened in this episode, and it was a good way to conclude this drama series.

Those who have seen the whole drama and all episodes of it must have already known the ending, but for someone who has not seen the drama, the following statements may be huge spoilers for you as they reveal what happens at the end.

The Gloden Spoon Season 2 Trailer

Well, when it comes to the trailer, it’s way too early to say anything about it at this point. Fans of the show are nevertheless eagerly looking forward to the release of the season 2 trailer, which has yet to be released.

In the meantime, in case you have missed the trailer, you can check out the link below where you can watch the trailer for Season 1.

Where To Watch The Golden Spoon Season 2?

The Golden Spoon can be watched on Disney+ Hostar, but the second season cannot be viewed there as it’s not available right now. But you can watch it on the same streaming platform once it gets released.

Final Word

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular Korean dramas of the moment is The Golden Spoon, which managed to captivate many fans in the process.

Today, there are a lot of fans of this series who are very excited about the start of another season of the series. It is our goal to put all the facts about this very popular drama in this article so that you can get all the details.