The Munsters Movie Is All Set To Release On September 27, 2022!

The Munsters movie is a forthcoming horror comedy American movie composed and created by Rob Zombie. The movie is based on the 1960s household series of the identical title, and the storyline takes place before the incidents adopted in the show, acting as a source of the cast.

The ghoulish household of favorite demons, The Munsters, is coming back with a reboot produced by famous rock music celebrity Rob Zombie above 50 years after the actual family initially graced screens.


Rob Zombie verified that he was producing a reboot movie of the 1960s on Instagram and said he had been tracking the project for the previous 20 years.

Fans are eagerly waiting for the movie, and this is the best place where you will find all the latest information. So, here are all the details you must know about The Munsters movie. 

Munsters Movie Release Date

The Munsters Movie release date


The Munsters movie will release on Sept. 27, 2022, and you can purchase it on Blu-Ray. The release date was declared along with the premiere of a new Munsters teaser trailer.

The movie will release on Netflix. Zombie declared that the movie would also move to Netflix by stating, “We are going to run out like it’s 1964 this fall!

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Munsters Movie Cast

The Munsters movie cast will be as follows:

  • Jeff Daniel Phillips, being Herman Munster
  • Pat Priest will act as Transylvania Airlines Announcer
  • Daniel Roebuck in the role of The Count
  • Roderick Hill in the role of Mr. Goodbury
  • Sylvester McCoy in the role of Igor
  • Sheri Moon Zombie will act as Lily Munster
  • Tomas Boykin will perform as Lester
  • Catherine Schell will act as Zoya Krupp
  • Richard Brake will perform as Dr. Henry Augustus Wolfgang
  • Butch Patrick in the role of Tin Can Man
  • Jeremy Wheeler being Mr. Gateman
  • Jorge Garcia being Floop
  • Mark Griffith will act as Mr. Graves
  • Cassandra Peterson being Barbara Carr

Munsters Movie Plot

The Munsters Movie release date

The plot involves a family of benign vampires that migrate from Transylvania to American suburbia.

Rob Zombie’s history of employing considerable quantities of blood and gore in his movies makes some people anxious about what could come of the family-friendly sitcom in his control.

Those individuals may now rest comfortably as the movie earns a PG rating. Zombie is a self-taught director known for his nasty movies portraying bizarre and cruel hillbillies.

We certainly expect to see the legendary Dragula strolling the charming streets of Mockingbird Heights. With Rob Zombie uploading images of the family’s Koach online with Butch Patrick, we can anticipate seeing many more parallels to the iconic program in his adaption.

One question regarding the new movie’s plot is, will it be scary? The original program and subsequent films presented the Munsters, a household of vampire immigrants from Transylvania.

They followed them through the hilarious sitcom-style following criteria of suburbia life in America with stories ranging from Herman getting hoodwinked by a used car salesperson to Eddie struggling with being the smallest guy in class.

All with variations of light-hearted scariness and not intended to terrify. It will be fascinating to see whether Zombie delivers any terror to the revamp.

When addressing his love for “The Munsters” in the audio for “Munster, Go Home!”, Rob Zombie remarked, “The crazy characters that were pushed upon were likable, that’s who you identify with.”

The original CBS comedy portrayed a family of friendly monsters, featuring Herman, a Frankenstein-like beast, and his spouse Lily, a vampire. The couple migrated from Transylvania to 1313 Mockingbird Lane in the imaginary American hamlet of Mockingbird Heights with numerous other relatives.

The TV series was a comedy focused on how the Munsters felt themselves to be the average ones, not demons.

The series is considered a parody of Eastern European immigrants attempting to integrate into an American suburb and employs characters based on iconic horror films of the 1930s through ’60s.

While no specifics regarding the new movie’s narrative have been disclosed, Zombie’s appreciation of the original material will impact the story. 

Munsters Movie Trailer

The Munsters movie teaser trailer was premiered on June 8, 2022, beginning in a white and black amusement of the original show introduction before falling into living color. Check here:

A new “Munsters” trailer was also revealed, which fans called as looking higher quality than the first teaser. Watch here: