The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The American television show The Neighborhood, created by Jim Reynolds, consists of sitcom episodes. An episode of the show follows the story of a white family from the Midwest who settles into an area of Pasadena, California, with many black residents.

Throughout the past four seasons, there has been a steadily growing following for the show. Viewers worldwide have received well by the series and look forward to watching new episodes every week.


However, we have accumulated all the information regarding the series, not only this but have also mentioned some details about The Neighborhood season 6 release date.

The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date

The Neighborhood Season 6 Release Date

There has been a growing expectation among viewers to see more sitcom seasons as the show is released season after season.


There has just been a release of the fifth season, so the sixth season is not yet available, but fans have been asking for the sixth season for a long time.

Sadly, there is no news about the release date of the sixth season of The Neighborhood because the production team has yet to announce that the show will be renewed for a sixth season, so there is no news yet about the release date of the sixth season.

However, there is no doubt that The Neighborhood is one of the most awaited series of all time, and it has captivated many fans worldwide.


The Neighborhood Season 6 Cast

The Neighborhood Season 6 Cast

Among the cast members of The Neighborhood is Cedric the Entertainer playing Calvin Butler, Max Greenfield playing Dave Johnson, Sheaun McKinny playing Malcolm Butler, Marcel Spears playing Marty Butler, Hank Greenspan playing Grover Johnson, Tichina Arnold playing Tina Butler, Beth Behrs playing Gemma Johnson, Malik A playing Trey, Sean Larkins playing Randall, Earthquake playing Que, and Sloan Robinson playing Miss Kim in The Neighborhood.

It is the role of Ernie played by Gary Anthony Williams, Necie played by Chelsea Harris, Jeremiah played by Joshua Triplett, Walter played by Richard Gant, Sofia played by Edy Ganem, Staci Lynn Fletcher played by Kym Whitley, LaTonya played by Kym Whitley, Deborah Baker Jr. As Brittany, Wayne Brady portrayed Isaiah Evans, Ashleigh Crystal Hairston portrayed Keira, Kimberley Drummond portrayed Ariel, Cocoa Brown played Regina, Greg Romero Wilson described Norman, Alycia Pascual Pena played Yoli and Kayla Watkins was a recurring character.

The Neighborhood Season 6 Plot

The Neighborhood Season 6 Plot

According to the official synopsis of the episode, “As Marty prepares to propose to his girlfriend, Calvin and Tina work with party planner Chika to throw a celebration that honors the Nigerian heritage of their future daughter-in-law.”

There was a scene in the episode where it was revealed that, due to Necie’s Nigerian background, the Butlers contacted Chika (Gina Yashere) to ensure Marty’s surprise marriage proposal to Necie was made by Nigerian customs.

Chicka insists the Butlers buy a goat for Necie’s family as part of the dowry package they are supposed to purchase for Necie’s family. The goat decimates most of the other items in Necie’s house before Necie arrives.

The whole time that is going on, Dave is reminded that Gemma is still wearing the ring he bought her when they needed funds, and he is watching Marty select the perfect wedding band for Necie while observing what Marty is doing.

As he surprised Gemma with the ring, he was slightly surprised to hear that she wanted the previous round, even though the new one was much bigger. This also surprised him.

During the fifth season, viewers are expected to get a glimpse at how the series’ overall plot line will be resolved, as well as the characters and storylines that will play a vital role during this particular episode.

There is no doubt that every episode of the recent season so far has set the tone for the upcoming season, which will see the story unfold and expand in ways that will entice viewers to watch the show for the duration.

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The Neighborhood Season 6 Trailer

We are still waiting for the official trailer to be released for the sixth season, but you can be sure it will be available on YouTube soon.

You can also watch the trailer of season 5 of The Neighborhood while waiting for the next season to premiere.

Where To Watch The Neighborhood Season 6?

The Neighborhood is available for streaming on Voot and all seasons are available for streaming on Voot. You can also stream the show on Hulu if you are a member of Hulu+ Live and Amazon Prime if you have these services.

Final Word

A comedy starring Cedric the Entertainer, The Neighborhood tells the story of what happens when a friendly Midwesterner moves his family to Los Angeles, where he finds a neighborhood that doesn’t look anything like him, and that doesn’t appreciate his extreme neighborliness.”

Thus we can say that The Neighborhood season 6 is one of the most awaited series, and fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of season 6.