The Next 365 Days Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The movie 365 Days has been a Netflix big hit for over two years, and now the third and final installment of the trilogy, The Next 365 Days, will be taking over the streaming service soon.

The mafia romance, which was based on a trilogy of bestselling novels written by Polish author Blanka Lipiska found a whole new audience while everyone was under lockdown and made a splash all over.


The Next 365 Days Release Date

The Next 365 Days Release Date

A release date has now been set for the third and final movie, The Next 365 Days, in the trilogy! This movie’s scheduled release date is August 19, 2022, so be sure to mark your calendars.

It was also revealed that Netflix would release the movies globally in 2022 in an official announcement that was made on its official website.


After a year of anticipating both of these movies, it looks like fans will be able to watch them within a few months of each other rather than having to wait a year for each film to be released!

The Next 365 Days Cast

The Next 365 Days Cast

Seeing as how The Next 365 Days ended in somewhat of a cliffhanger, we can only speculate on who will be returning in the future to star in The Next 365 Days as we are unsure what the cast will look like.


However, we have made sure to list the cast that will surely appear in the third segment of the series.

The Next 365 Days Plot

The Next 365 Days Plot

In terms of breaking down the drama that occurred in the sequel, we’ve got you covered here, so we will focus on the big things that happened in the sequel.

In the sequel, we also got to find out that Laura had been shot by Anna one last time as if it wasn’t enough that Massimo’s twin brother had been revealed.

Despite the opening confirmation that Laura has survived again, it is the second time Laura’s fate has been left ambiguous. Laura was also shot in the second book, and in the third book, Massimo is faced with the difficult decision of choosing between saving Laura or saving the child they are expecting.

There is a good chance that she might have to explain to Massimo the loss of their baby at the end of the first movie as she hadn’t told him about it until after the accident at the end of the first film.

In the midst of the tense showdown between Massimo and his twin Adriano, Massimo finally found out the truth, but it was clear that Massimo did not have the time to dwell on it as Laura was shot.

A tenacious Nacho is pushing Laura and Massimo apart while they struggle to overcome trust issues and jealousy, according to Netflix’s synopsis: “Laura and Massimo’s relationship hangs in the balance as they struggle to overcome trust issues and jealousy.”

As with the first two installments, the threequel will again be based on Blanka Lipiska’s novel, but don’t expect it to follow the plot of the first two installments fully.

The Next 365 Days Trailer

As part of Netflix’s holiday gift to fans, it has released the trailer for The Next 365 Days, and it features everything you could hope to see in the film.

However, we have mentioned the trailer link below; thus, viewers can watch it if they haven’t watched it yet.

Where To Watch The Next 365 Days 

It is exclusively available on Netflix, and you can watch The Next 365 Days. Netflix subscribers will be able to watch the movie once the release date of the movie is August 19, if you are a Netflix subscriber.

Final Word

Netflix announced in late May 2021 that both the 2nd and 3rd movies of the series would take place back-to-back from May to June 2021, which was good news to fans, as it meant the wait would not be as long as we had anticipated.

There is no doubt that the first movie followed the novel closely; however, the sequel changed certain elements of the plot in order to tone down potential controversial elements in the film.