Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date, Spoiler, Recap, & Where To Watch

An NBC television series called Transplant features a great deal of medical drama. Throughout its third release season, Transplant has significantly impacted us as a show.

Now season 3 is ongoing and has captivated many hearts from all over the world. Now Transplant has released six episodes. And there has been a lot of fan buzz about episode 7.


Therefore we have mentioned all the details about the series, including the Transplant season 3 episode 7 release date.

Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date

There is no doubt that the release date is one of the most critical factors that fans are eager to find out. It has been a while since we gathered all the information regarding the release date, so we have done that now.


Fortunately, the release date for Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 has finally been announced, so we can now look forward to watching it.

It has been announced that the episode will be released on 5 November 2022, so there are only a few days left, and the level of excitement is high.

Nevertheless, it is safe to assume that this episode will be just as gripping as the other episodes in the series and will undoubtedly keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout, with plenty of twists and turns. And we cannot deny the fact that Transplant is a popular series.


Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Cast

Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Cast

However, Transplant season 3 is a popular series, and one of the reasons behind its success is its star cast. Thus we have mentioned all the details about the cast.

  • Hamza Haq
  • Laurence Leboeuf
  • John Hanna
  • Ayisha Issa
  • Jim Watson
  • Sirena Gulamgaus
  • Torri Higginson
  • Grace Lynn Kung
  • Sugith Varughese
  • Linda E. Smith
  • Kenny Wong 

Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Plot

Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Plot

A doctor who works in an emergency room is the focus of the series Transplant. To pursue a career in emergency medicine, a high-stakes field, he had to flee his native Syria and come to Canada.

Bash’s grandma Rita shielded Dylan Carter from becoming a victim of the drug gang when Dylan’s addict patient Bash Carter was shot by one of the gang’s members.

Despite that, Dylan decides to run away from both Bash and Rita before fully recovering from his injuries. Despite Bishop’s sympathy, he is dismayed to discover that the board expects him to select a successor and oversee the transition “to maintain what he did at ER.”

During the instance of Kelsey Grisholm, Bash and Megs debate whether she should receive invasive or dangerous light therapy. The disease, ASL, that Kelsey suffered from was kept from her authoritarian father, Dr Ray, who bullied her into refusing to give him complete control over what she wanted to do with her life.

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Transplant Season 3 Episode 7 Trailer

Until now, no teaser is available for season 3, episode 7. Thus fans will have to wait for the release date of the series. However, this episode has created a lot of hype among the fans, who are very excited about the new season.

But don’t worry, as, for you guys, we have mentioned the trailer link for season 3. You can watch it now just by clicking on the link given below.

Where To Watch Transplant Season 3 Episode 7?

To watch “Transplant – Season 3” online right now, you will need to use a streaming service like CTV or Noovo for free. You will have to buy it on iTunes or Google Play Movies as a download.

Final Word

The newest comedy series from CTV has been gaining popularity in the past two seasons. People have also given positive reviews to this series, which is currently in its third season.

There are now many viewers all over the world who are eagerly waiting for the next episode of the third season of Transplant to arrive. However, we have mentioned all the details about the series, including the release date.

Thus, if you find more information regarding the series Transplant season 3, episode 7, you have come to the right place, as we have kept our promise to provide all possible information. And we hope that this article will be helpful for you.