Turner And Hooch Season 2 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

Turner & Hooch is a 1989 American cop comedy television series based on the 1989 movie. The series is a prequel to the original film, conceptualized and produced by executive producer Matt Nix. The 12-episode Disney+ exclusive series aired on July 21, 2021.

The show’s first season concluded on October 6, 2021. That we understand now that the show’s first season has been completed. We’re curious whether it will be revived for a second season. Even if there have been few changes, let us review the facts.


Turner And Hooch Season 2 Release Date

“Turner & Hooch” has not yet received an official renewal from Disney+. As a relatively new streaming network, Disney has a less-than-transparent procedure for establishing the ratings of its shows.

In some instances, viewers don’t learn until after the fact if a show is intended to be a limited series with a single set of episodes. The show was canceled after one season, and it is not going to happen.



Turner And Hooch Season 2 Plot

Although “Turner & Hooch” episodes were loosely connected by a story arc centered on Scott Srdeath, they were all extremely different stories.

Throughout the season, Scott and Hooch battle drug traffickers, jewel thieves, counterfeit money, Scott’s ex-girlfriend, and an illegal dogfighting ring, all while learning the basics of being a K9 team and coping with the politics and other complications that come with it.

Indeed, the episode’s finale gave closure while providing a pleasant finish. We’re talking about children, a wedding, romance fires, new work chances, and dog antics, to mention a few.


As a result, a new season would almost probably begin off where the two friends left off, maybe with a new central mystery to solve. Unlike some previous broadcasts that ended on severe cliffhangers, “Turner & Hooch” now gives a (mostly) complete experience. Hopefully, this will not be the end of the narrative.

Season 2 of Turner And Hooch will reintroduce the five adorable French mastiffs that portray Hooch. Their names are Arnie, Hammer, Obi, Cyd, and Mya, and they each fulfill a certain function based on their powers and capabilities. According to Deadline, Cyd excels in precision work, while Hammer excels at stunts.

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Turner And Hooch Season 2 Cast

The expected cast of Turner And Hooch season 2 is as follows:

  • Brandon Jay McLaren being Xavier “X” Wilson
  • Jeremy Maguire will act as Matthew Garland
  • Josh Peck will act as Scott Turner Jr.
  • Lyndsy Fonseca will play the role of Laura Turner.
  • Carra Patterson being Jessica Baxter
  • Anthony Ruivivar will perform as James Mendez
  • Vanessa Lengies in the role of Erica Mouniere

Turner And Hooch Season 2 Trailer

No trailer has been released yet for season 2 of Turner and Hooch! So watch the first season trailer.

Where To Watch Turner And Hooch?

Turner And Hooch season 1 is available to stream on Amazon Prime and Disney Plus.