TVF Pitchers Season 3 Release Date: What To Expect From Season 3?

The TVF Pitchers is a television drama series that has changed the definition of what is considered to be an Indian television drama series.

A look into the life of a self-sufficient entrepreneur was provided to the world in the first season of this series, which made all of us switch to Web series in order to gain insight into the life of this self-sufficient individual.


Season 2 of the show has been incredibly well received, so it is safe to assume that season 3 will be just as successful. Therefore, we have mentioned all the details about the TVF Pitchers season 3 release date.

TVF Pitchers Season 3 Release Date

TVF Pitchers Season 3 Release Date

Every fan is eager to know when the third season of TVF Pitchers will be released. Since its premiere in 2015, TVF Pitchers has no doubt conquered the iconic world of the web series and has gained a reputation for delivering good content.


After that, when it came to having a season 2, we were treated to an excruciating seven-year wait before we could finally get our hands on it.

On December 23, 2022, the show’s second season premiered at a time when we had lost all hope. Now that the fans have discovered all the details about the release date of season 3, they are very eager to know more about it.

The third season of TVF Pitchers is expected to arrive at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The only thing we can do now is waiting until the makers of season 3 do not reveal an exact date for the third season’s release.


TVF Pitchers Season 3 Cast

TVF Pitchers Season 3 Cast

In the meantime, as far as we know, the series producers have yet to disclose the names of any of the cast members for season 3. 

However, all of the cast from the previous seasons can be said to be returning for the upcoming season, and we have mentioned their names below so that you will be aware of them.

  • Naveen Kasturia as Naveen Bansal
  • Jitendra Kumar as Jitendra Maheshwari (Jitu)
  • Arunabh Kumar as Yogendra Kumar Pandey (Yogi)
  • Abhay Mahajan as Saurabh Mandal
  • Aakanksha Thakur as Saumya Maheshwari
  • Maanvi Gagroo as Shreya
  • Jaimini Pathak as Rajat Khanna
  • Rajesh Sharma as Gary Bhujiawala
  • Biswapati Sarkar as Puneet
  • Sameer Saxena as Anit Bhardwaj
  • Abhishek Banarjee as Bhati

TVF Pitchers Season 3 Plot

TVF Pitchers Season 3 plot

An interesting story is told in this drama series about four friends, Naveen, Jitu, Yogi, and Mandal, who have left their jobs to start their businesses.

It has taken them many years to get to the point where they decided to become successful entrepreneurs, and to accomplish that, they have had to face all the obstacles in their lives to achieve their dreams.

A recurring theme in the first season of “Pitchers” follows four friends as they quit their corporate jobs to start a startup company based on their own ideas.

While they work hard to brainstorm ideas and pitch them to investors, they struggle to develop a viable business concept when they spend most of their time brainstorming ideas.

In the show’s last two seasons, we have seen a lot of motivational one-liners, hilarious scenes, and emotionally moving episodes that will leave you with tears in your eyes.

Our pitchers may have a chance to show us their abilities in season 3 if they are successful and able to handle the bright spotlight.

It is possible for the Pitchers to finally taste success and grow as a team in the coming years. There are a lot of things fans are expecting from this season. It should be emotional and entertaining at the same time as the previous one was.

TVF Pitchers Season 3 Trailer

Unfortunately, to date, no updates or trailers for season 3 have been released by the series’ producers until now. We will likely be able to see a mind-blowing trailer soon if we get a third season, which we are desperate for.

We have provided a link below so you can watch the trailer for season 2 while you wait for the trailer for season 3.

Where To Watch TVF Pitchers Season 3?

There is an original television series on Zee 5 called TVF Pitcher. It has aired on Zee5 for both seasons of this show, and we are hoping that the third series will be shown on Zee5 as well in the near future.

Final Word

Despite their level of success, these pitchers still crave to grow, to make it bigger than what they have now, and to be their boss rather than someone else’s employee.

In spite of the pressure and hurdles they face, they can overcome them, and they do so with courage and determination. The first and second seasons of the series have every element that makes it enjoyable to watch. There is no doubt that season 3 will be just as great as previous seasons.