Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date: And All Other Updates

Today, anime series have become one of the most popular entertainment forms, and fans enjoy them. As a matter of fact, Uma Musume has been one of the most popular anime series in the last few years.

With an enormous fan following, the series has captured the interest of many people, and now fans eagerly anticipate the release date of the third season.


Therefore, today we have tried our best to accumulate all the possible information about the series Uma Musume. We have also managed to provide details about the Uma Musume season 3 release date.

Uma Musume Season 3 Release Date

Uma Musume season 2 Release Date

The third season of this anime series, adapted from the spin-off manga Umayon, has been highly anticipated by many otakus worldwide.


In spite of the popularity of Uma Musume, the creators of the popular anime have not yet announced a release date for season 3 of the show. 

Based on our assumption, it seems reasonable to assume that season 3 might be released during the year 2023. It has not been mentioned when the anime will be released; however, there is no clear date.

Uma Musume Season 3 Cast

Uma Musume Season 2 Cast


Well, as per our knowledge, we can say that all the old characters will appear in the coming season. However, nothing has been confirmed yet, but we have mentioned the makes of the star cast in the below list.

  • Azumi Waki as Special Week
  • Marika Kōno as Silence Suzuka
  • Machiko Saitō as Tokai Teio
  • Ayaka Ōhashi as Vodka
  • Hitomi Ueda as Goand Ship
  • Chisa Kimura as Daiwa Scarlet
  • Oonishi Saori as Mejiro McQueen
  • Kouji Okino as Trainer

Uma Musume Season 3 Plot

Uma Musume Season 2 Plot

The anime Uma Musume the anime series focuses on a slice-of-life genre. And in the storyline of the series Uma Musume, the girls are born into a world where the girls can run faster and have tails like horses, and this is called the Horse World.

The winning candidates will go to a school called Tokyo’s Tracen Academy, where they will train to participate in racing competitions in the future as racers and idols.

There was a great deal of focus on the character Special Week in the first season of this series because he had transferred from the countryside to Tokyo’s Tracen Academy from a country school in the first season.

Initially, she will try her best to fulfill her mother’s promise, but later on, she will also meet Silence Suzuka, fall in love with her, and work hard to achieve that goal.

In the event that Silence Suzuka is going to join the Special Week team, he is determined to do so. The second season of Uma Musume is focused on Tokai Teio as the main character.

Aside from Mihono Bourbon and Mcqueen, Rice Shower, there are also other supporting characters whose stories are told in the story.

Uma Musume Season 3 Trailer

It is unfortunate that the makers have not released any trailer for season 3, implying that fans will have to wait until the makers don’t reveal any updates regarding season 3.

The trailer for season 2 of the show can be viewed by clicking on the link below in the meantime. All that you have to do is click on the link below, which we have provided for your convenience.

Where To Watch Uma Musume Season 3?

If you haven’t already done so, you may watch Uma Musume’s first and second seasons on Crunchyroll. When the show’s third season is released, it will also appear on the same streaming platform as the previous seasons at the same time.

Final Word

During the past few months, fans have been overhyping the show as they anticipate the upcoming season and are eager to know all the details regarding the upcoming season’s plot.

In terms of the art style, Uma Musume has an impressive quality, with such a simplistic look that makes it even more enjoyable to watch.

However, we have provided you with all the details related to the series, just like we have stated above, and we hope that it will be helpful to you in every way.