Veibae Face Reveal: Her Real Name & Face Has Been Revealed

A VTuber named Veibae signed with VShojo, the same talent agency that signed Ironmouse to the roster. After the end of 2021, the streamer started noticing a noticeable rise in the number of viewers for his Twitch channel among users outside of the Vtuber fandom.

Within just a few months of streaming on Twitch, the Twitch streamer has been able to amass over two million followers. Her popularity has grown dramatically over the past year, going from a few thousand followers to being one of the most popular streamers in the entire country.


Though she is known to a lot of people in the gaming community, veibae face reveals pretty unknowing outside of it. However, that is changing after her recent announcement of a new venture.

Veibae Face Reveal

Veibae Face Reveal

A British Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and social media star, Veibae is best known for her appearances on YouTube and Twitch. As a result of her virtual streaming on Twitch, she became well-known on the video streaming network.


According to the live streaming platform, she has more than 350K followers. On Tuesday, October 12, 2019, Twitch star Veibae posted a picture of a girl on his Twitter account.

People believe that it is her photo as it was a promotion for future merchandise that she will be releasing. Vibe’s face hasn’t been revealed yet, and it can’t be proven that Veibae is the person she claims to be.

According to her YouTube channel and her Twitch account, as previously mentioned, Ceiba is a very popular YouTuber. She goes by the alias Vei Streamer on social media sites like Twitter and YouTube.


In a video she posted on YouTube in August 2018, she talked about changing her name to view. According to her, it seems highly likely that vei could be a nickname for Ceiba, which is Romanian for life.

Veibae uses a voice change

No matter how many times she has been accused of using a voice changer, she always maintains her innocence. The comments about her voice rankle her increasingly, and by the end of the year, she decides she wants to disband the group.

With their debut performance, veibae face reveals shot to the top of the Twitch rankings as a result of their success. In a single day, Veibae, a streamer on Twitch, ranked number one for most views for an individual streamer on Twitch.

In a single day, Veibae received over two million viewers. Her earnings from streaming alone were USD 1.2 million per month in the following year, ranking her number three on Forbes’ list of the highest-paid female athletes.

Veibae Relationships Status

Veibae Face Reveal

In a VR ceremony performed by Nyanners, Veibei married Silverdale, a female VTuber, in a VR ceremony. Snuffy and other Nyanners who purchase her merchandise are said to have a thing for her, and she has contemplated proposing to them.

Is Veibae a succubus

A succubus called Veibei has orange eyes and direct ears and is a succubus with a bite. It changed colors throughout the day depending on how the sun struck it.

In addition to the multitude of outfits she has, she also has a unique outfit made of the green jumpsuit. The three main clothes she wears are a white dress with blue details, a red dress with black details, and a white dress that is reminiscent of her old outfit.

It is true that she is wearing black stockings and high heels (similar to those that Imogen wears). In The End, she is shown to be capable of changing her color based on how she feels and what she is feeling.

Final Word

Vibe has not revealed any personal information about her, so her true identity remains unknown, and she is known by her social media username, “Vei.”

Twitter user Veibae, a Twitch celebrity, posted a picture of a girl on October 12, 2019. The photo was a promotional post for her upcoming items, and many believe it to be a picture of her.