Venom 3 Is In Production! Here Is What We Know So Far!

‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage,’ aka ‘Venom 2,’ is a superhero movie.  It is the sequel to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, ‘Venom, the first installment released in 2018.

The storyline centers on investigative reporter Eddie Brock, who has merged with the alien space Symbiote Venom and obtained a variety of superhuman powers as a result.


Brock and Venom build a mutually beneficial connection during the first film as they battle a Symbiote named Riot and its human host Carlton Drake. In ‘Venom: Let There Be Carnage,’ Brock and Venom’s main adversary is serial murderer Cletus Kasady.

Although the latter is a descendant of Venom, it is far more strong than its predecessor. If you’ve watched the second picture, particularly the dramatic post-credits climax, and are curious about the possibility of a ‘Venom 3,’ we’ve got you covered.

Venom 3 Release Date

Venom 3 Release Date

Amy Pascal, the producer of Spider-Man, may have announced that a third Venom movie has been greenlit.  Sadly, Venom 3 is going to be a long time coming – at least a couple of years.


With other projects in the works for the future, Venom 3 may not be released until 2023. When Sony finishes the storyline for Venom 3, the prequel flicks will probably tease the new anti-hero film.

Additionally, as we all know, Sony likes to surprise its fans. Therefore, keep an eye on our website to provide you with all the latest Venom 3 news.

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Venom 3 Plot

Shriek is killed in ‘Venom 2‘ after being struck by a church bell. Mulligan eventually gets her skills. Venom swallows carnage before he can unite with Kasady. While Kasady claims to be imitating Brock, Venom devours the serial murderer as well.

In the post-credits scenario, Brock and Venom are on a mysterious island when reality breaks, and they find themselves in the world of MCU’s Spider-Man.

Serkis has shown an interest in collaborating on future projects with more Ravencroft Institute participants. As a result, figures such as Massacre and Vermin may appear in ‘Venom 3.’

If Spider-Man appears in the film, his relationship with this version of Eddie and Venom will very certainly be friendly. Mulligan has the potential to develop into a strong supporting hero, assisting Venom in his fight against a far more worthy opponent.

Venom 3 Cast

Sony has not yet finalized the official Venom 3 cast. However, if we look to social media and a few forums, we will receive clear responses.

Season 3 of Venom appears to be bringing plenty of changes to Eddie Brock and his alien counterpart, Venom. As a result, it’s a foregone conclusion that Eddie Brock and Venom will serve as the film’s key characters.

Apart from these two, speculating on the recurring character can be a little tough. Considering the events of Venom so far, Michelle Williams and Reid Scott’s come back to the plot as Ann and Dan will make perfect sense.

Venom 3 Cast

Though we are unlikely to see Carnage or Shriek in Venom 3, we do get to see something larger.

As we previously saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home, both Venom and Eddie are part of the MCU. However, when Doctor Strange casts his spells, like so many other characters, they are transported to their reality.

However, Venom is now desperate to meet Spider-Man. Thus, Venom 3 will very certainly open the way for the anti-hero to meet Spider-Man.

Venom 3 Trailer

The Venom 3 videos and teasers flying all-around Internet are entirely fan-made, as Sony has yet to disclose anything about the film. Once the film is confirmed, we may anticipate the release of a teaser. Therefore, stay tuned as we will keep you updated on Venom 3 regularly.

Final Words

That’s all about Venom 3. We will have to wait until it does not renew. Stay tuned with us; we will keep you updated about any official news! I hope you like this post. Share this post with your loved ones who are a fan of Venom!

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