What’s The History Of Amelia Gray Plastic Surgery?

Among the most recognizable and influential Instagram stars, Amelia Gray Hamlin has a staggering net worth of $5 million. Amelia Gray Hamlin is the daughter of Lisa Rinna, a reality television star and actor Harry Hamlin.

Several times, she has been featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the reality shows that her mother hosts.


Amelia Gray Hamlin is a fashion blogger and video blogger who frequently and regularly posts about fashion tips, her lifestyle, and whatever she does in her everyday life.

Amelia’s family is pretty decent, and she also has a good social media following. The popularity of Amelia Gray is widespread all over the world, and there are a considerable number of fans of her.

As a model, she has worked with brands such as Hudson Jeans and Too Faced. Women 360 Management New York currently represents her. With the help of her older sister Delilah, she launched a clothing brand called DNA in 2019.


Amelia Gray’s Biography

Amelia Gray's Biography

It is worth mentioning that Amelia Gray Hamlin has a huge following on social media, such as Instagram and Facebook. It was on the 13th of June 2001 in California that Amelia Gray Hamlin was born.

In addition to Harry Hamlin, her parents’ names are Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin. Apart from this, the diva is also blessed with two more siblings, Dimitri and Delilah, who are also always there to support her throughout her life.


It is a fact that she comes from a wealthy and popular family, which may be one reason she has achieved so much success.

In addition to holding American nationality, she also belongs to the white ethnicity. 

Personal Life Of Amelia Gray

Personal Life Of Amelia Gray

Various sources claim that the talented lady has been dating Fenton Merkel for quite some time now.

No information is available about how they met, but one thing is certain, they are both having a blast while they are together. As Merkel is also a model, it is quite possible that they met during a photo shoot that they were involved in.

Usually, they are only seen on holidays, and things are all pretty merry on their social media pages regarding their romantic lives.

Amelia Gray Plastic Surgery

Did Amelia Gray Have Plastic Surgery

In the recent past, there have been rumors spreading around the internet claiming that Amelia Gray has undergone a number of plastic surgery procedures such as lip fillers, jaw implants, buccal fat removal, or breast augmentation.

In the end, Amelia Gray was able to achieve what she dreamed of – sharp facial features and a strong bone structure. She lost nothing but the baby fat on her cheeks, which is all that she had lost from her body.

Her appearance really changed after she had the buccal fat removed. As you can see from the pictures, she had a different plastic surgery, which can be clearly seen on her face.

The appearance of the girl has completely changed, and now she has a mature-looking face that is toned. The plastic surgery speculations about Amelia Gray are not the first time the model sat at the center of speculations before also.

When she posted a selfie on her Instagram story in July 2021 with plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond, she sparked rumors about her cosmetic surgery. 

Obviously, today, plastic surgery has become quite common, especially among celebrities, and it isn’t surprising that so many people wish to get it done.

Final Verdict

It was in the year 2010 that she also made her debut on the popular television show Harry loves Risa before she shot to fame. Additionally, she also appeared on one of the most popular television shows for children, Rachel & the Tree Schoolers.

It was revealed in one of Amelia Gray Hamlin’s interviews, however, that she once admitted having had a breast reduction due to an infection caused by a piercing on her nipple, but other than that, Amelia Gray Hamlin has never confirmed having had any other type of plastic surgery.

There can be no doubt that Amelia Gray is a rising star, and she has been able to capture the heart of many around the world with her popularity. As she is most famous on Instagram, we can say that she will achieve a great deal more success and fame in the future.