When To Expect Lookism Season 2 Release Date?

Nowadays, the number of people addicted to anime and Korean dramas is increasing rapidly, which means that their demand has grown rapidly as well.

A lot of people are crazy about anime, and as a result, there is a lot of demand for more and more content. There is no doubt that Lookism is one of the most popular anime series that has captured the attention of a large following around the world.


Having just released the first season of the popular series Looksm, the fans have already asked for a second season of the show. Thus, anime has already acquired a great deal of popularity.

We will cover all the details about the anime Lookism in this article; thus, we will give you all the information you need about this anime. Not only this, but we have also discussed some details about the Lookism season 2 release date.

Lookism Season 2 Release Date

Lookism Season 2 Release Date


Fans are quite eager to know when the anime will be released since its release date has become one of the most important factors. Regarding the release date of Lookism season 2, however, there is currently no information available for the release date of the new season.

The anime’s first season was just released, as we mentioned above. This means that it is too early for the makers to make any official announcement regarding when the official release date for the new season will be out.

Seeing how popular Lookism is, it appears that we are very close to finding out any new information about it, which means that the makers will soon announce any updates on the upcoming season of the anime series. 


Lookism Season 2 Cast

Lookism Season 2 Cast

We all know that many factors influence the success of any series, anime, or movie, one of which is the quality of the star cast.

In addition, there has yet to be an announcement by the makers of season 2, and there has also been no announcement of the cast. Nevertheless, the cast of season 2 will be the same as that of season 1.

  • Daniel Park
  • Gun Park
  • Zack Lee
  • Jay Hong
  • Zoe Park

Lookism Season 2 Plot

Lookism Season 2 Plot

The plot of an anime is also one of the most important factors that can affect its success. Therefore, the makers haven’t revealed any single detail about the plot for season 2 so far.

As a result, it is too early to make any predictions. In any case, the storyline of season 2 might be a continuation of the storyline of season 1.

Moreover, if we consider the plot of the anime, Lookism takes place in a high school context and tells the story of a high school student named Park Hyung Seok, who was deemed ugly and fat by his peers.

His looks never allowed him to become popular in school, and he was often bullied and harassed by his classmates as a result. His mother tries to convince him to leave the city and go somewhere else because he feels too uncomfortable going to school.

After a strange discovery one night, he discovers that he has the ability to switch bodies supernaturally. The first was his original body, which was ugly, unattractive, and obese, and the second was tall, masculine, and very attractive compared to his original body.

His life changed drastically from that point on, he took on the handsome body form during the day, but when he slept, he took on his ugly body form as his primary form.

Lookism Season 2 Trailer

It is yet to be revealed what the trailer for Lookism season 2 will look like. As of right now, the makers of Lookism have yet to announce a release date for season 2.

This is why the fans of Lookism will have to wait until the makers do not reveal any updates regarding season 2 of the show.

You can, though, watch the trailer of season 1, as we have provided the link below in the meantime while you wait for the release of season 2.

Where To Watch Lookism Season 2?

In case you haven’t seen this amazing and are wondering where to watch it. Fortunately, there is no need to worry since this anime series is available on Netflix, the most popular streaming service in the world.

Final Word

It has been a very short time since Lookism became one of the most popular anime series, attracting a large fan base. Despite this, fans are also anxiously awaiting the premiere of season 2.

To ensure we fulfill our promise, we have tried to provide you with all the information you might need regarding the series. Therefore, we hope that you will find this article to be useful to you in some way.