When To Expect The This Fool Season 2 Release Date?

One of the popular comedy series in America is This Fool. This series is one most anticipated television series that has been directed by many famous directors like Matt Ingebretson, Diego Velasco, and Pat Bishop.

It’s also known as Este Tonto, and the makers have not expected it to be so hit and popular. The very first part of the series was released in 2022; it’s a recent series that has captivated an enormous fan following worldwide.


And after the success of season 1 now, fans of the series are eagerly waiting for the release date of season 2 of the most popular television series This Fool.

And therefore, we have tried our best to accumulate all the possible information about the series; not only this, but we have mentioned This Fool release date.

This Fool Season 2 Release Date

This Fool Season 2 Release Date


We are all familiar with the fact that the release date is one of the most anticipated factors that every fan is eager to know. The first season of the television series This Fool was released on August 12, 2022.

And now the fans are expecting a season 2 of the series. However, the fans’ eagerness to watch the second season is quite understandable because this series has a great story and cast that makes it the best.

However, comedy series are most in-demand nowadays, and this television series has a great number of funny elements. Well, talking about the second season release date, the makers have not released anything about the release date of season 2.


This Fool Season 2 Cast

This Fool Season 2 Cast

We can assume that the star cast will be the same as the first season. Thus we have provided a list of the cast so that you can check it now.

  • Chris Estrada as Julio
  • Michelle Ortiz as Maggie
  • Anna Lamadrid as Rocio
  • Sandra Marcela Hernandez as Ana
  • Cruz Legaspe Garcia as Michael
  • Frankie Quinones
  • Julia Vera as Maria
  • Laura Patalano as Esperanza
  • Mia Hunt as Kim 
  • Trevion Twosifix Pleasant as Neighbourhood Guy 
  • Tina D’Marco as Cuca

This Fool Season 2  Plot

This Fool Season 2 Plot

The very first season of the series story revolves around Julio Lopez, and his character is quite punk and rowdy, but on the other side, he also has a very soft heart.

Not only this, but Julio is a very helpful guy, and he always tries to help others. Thus, it’s a comedy series that impressed the fans. This story has a great storyline, and it has helped the series be one of the most successful series.

Apart from all this, if we talk about the season 2 plot, we are sorry to inform you that the makers have not revealed anything about the upcoming plot.

So we can only predict what story season 2 will show. Therefore, all we can do is now to wait till the makers don’t reveal anything about the series plot.

This Fool Season 2 Trailer

It’s easy to guess that This Fool season 2 has no trailer. As we have said above that the makers have not revealed anything about the release date of the series, so it’s pretty obvious that there is no trailer yet.

Thus, fans will have to wait for the makers to release the trailer. But meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for season 1, as we have mentioned in the link below. So all you have to do is tap on the link, and you will be able to watch the trailer video.

Where To Watch This Fool Season 2?

Now one of the most anticipated questions is where you can watch this amazing comedy series. Well, the very first season of the series is available on the streaming platform Hulu. And whenever season 2 gets released, it will also be available on the same streaming platform.

Final Word

This Fool is one of the most popular comedy series in America that has managed to grab a good amount of attention from all over the world.

Not only this, but the series has also gathered good ratings from critics. So the chances for season 2 are pretty high.

However, as we have promised above that, we will be providing all the details, and we did it. Thus we hope that all the above-mentioned details will be helpful to you in every way.