When Will The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date Arrive?

White Lotus is a television series set in a luxurious hotel that belongs to a chain of upscale hotels set within a beautiful outdoor garden.

After the first season’s success, the makers have released a second season as well, which is ongoing. In the second season of The White Lotus, new episodes are being released one by one every week, so fans can’t help but feel eager to discover what the next episode will bring.


However, till now there are a total of 3 episodes have been released so far. And fans are eagerly waiting for episode 4. Therefore, we have discussed all the details about the series, including The White Lotus season 2 episode 4 release date.

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date

As a result of the recent release of the previous episode, which was released on November 13, 2022, the fans are excited to watch the next episode, which is the 4th episode of the series.


Finally, the makers of season 2, episode 4, have announced the date on which the episode will be released. HBO Max will be releasing episode 4 on Sunday, November 20, according to the latest reports.

It is no secret that every fan is eagerly waiting to know when and how the series is going to be released. Based on the popularity of The White Lotus, we can confidently predict that season two will be another big hit for the series.

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The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Cast

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Cast

However, we can expect all the cast of previous episodes is expected to appear in the next episode as well. Thus check the list below, and as we have listed all the names below:

  • F. Murray Abraham as Bert Di Grasso
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Tanya McQuoid-Hunt
  • Adam DiMarco as Albie Di Grasso
  • Meghann Fahy as Daphne Sullivan
  • Beatrice Grannò as Mia
  • Jon Gries as Greg Hunt
  • Tom Hollander as Quentin
  • Sabrina Impacciatore as Valentina
  • Michael Imperioli as Dominic Di Grasso
  • Theo James as Cameron Sullivan
  • Aubrey Plaza as Harper Spiller
  • Haley Lu Richardson as Portia

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Plot

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Plot

A luxurious hotel in Sicily is the focus of the series The White Lotus. However, the families that travel to the resort have different reasons for going there.

After a week of what should have been a relaxing vacation, the staff and guests soon discover secrets that are revealed over the course of the week.

Tanya was shown as lonely and down after Greg’s departure in the previous episode. Soon after going to a Tarot reader, he told her that Greg was not into Tanya and that Greg had actually developed feelings for someone else rather than Tanya.

The Sandbox is the title of The White Lotus’s fourth episode, and fans eagerly anticipate this episode as they cannot stop wondering which body will end up in the water by the end of the episode.

Even though there haven’t been any hints from the makers regarding the fourth episode, fans have been making a lot of theories regarding the series; we can expect to see more interesting twists in the following episodes.

The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4 Trailer

Fans of The White Lotus season 2 are advised to tighten their seat belts as a teaser for the fourth episode of the second season of the show has been released by the makers.

It is possible to watch it now, though, as we have provided you with the link below. To watch this video, you need to click on the link below, and you will be taken to the page where you can watch it.

Where To Watch The White Lotus Season 2 Episode 4?

If you are a member of Disney+ Hotstar, you can watch the show no matter where you are, so there will be no problems if you are a user of Disney+ Hotstar. And all the upcoming episodes will be released on the same streaming platform.

In addition to the US premiere, viewers worldwide will also be able to watch an episode of The White Lotus live streaming on Sky Atlantic simultaneously.

Final Word

As a fan of drama and comedy are your favorite things to watch, then The White Lotus is the perfect series to watch. Nevertheless, we recommend you watch this drama if you haven’t watched it yet.

As for the Series’ fourth episode, we have covered all of its key details. The purpose of this article is to provide you with information that will be helpful to you.