Why Her Season 2 Release Date & All Updates

The Korean romantic drama genre is one of the most popular drama genres in the world. There has been a large fan following in the global community for the Korean drama Ad Why Her, released not too long ago.

Season 2 of the series has been highly anticipated by fans of the series due to the fact that the first season was a great success. In addition, they are eagerly anticipating the release of season 2 of the show.


It is no secret that there is a huge hype and anticipation surrounding this Korean rom-com drama. As a result, we have done our best to compile as much information on the series as possible, including the Why Her season 2 release date.

Why Her Season 2 Release Date

Why Her Season 2 Release Date

It has been stated above that the first season of the popular drama Why Her has captured the attention of a wide audience from the beginning.


At this point, the fans of this drama are very curious to know what the future holds for this drama. The 2nd season of Why Her has yet to be announced, so there is no clue as to when it will be released.

We can say that based on the intensity and excitement of the fans, we can safely assume that we will hear something from the producers very soon.

Nevertheless, if we make a rough assumption, then it can be said that the next season of the series will surely be released by the end of 2023.


Why Her Season 2 Cast

Why Her Season 2 Cast

At this point, no information about the cast of season 2 has been released by the makers of the show so far. Nevertheless, we can assume that the same star cast in season 1 will also be present in season 2. In order to avoid confusion, here is a list of the cast name of those who are expected to appear in the drama.

  • Seo Hyun-jin by Soo-jae
  • Hwang In-youp by Gong Chan
  • Bae In-hyuk by Choi Yoon-sang
  • Huh Joon-ho by Choi Tae-kook
  • Ji Seung-hyun by Choi Joo-wan
  • Lee Joo-woo by Song Mi-rim
  • Kim Seon-hyuk by Min Young-bae
  • Jeon Jin-ki by Ha Il-goo

Why Her Season 2 Plot

Why Her Season 2 Plot

There are two people who are poles apart in their lifestyle and lives as a whole. This is the story of Oh Soo-Jae and Gong Chan.

Soo-Jae is so very well known because she is a talented lawyer in the TK law firm, as well as for her confidence and dedication to her work.

It is always her nature to push herself and work very hard when it comes to coming out of an amenity. Because of her work style and fierce confidence in her abilities, she gained a great amount of popularity and respect in a very short period of time.

Everything was going well for her in her life until the most unexpected and weird case arrived at the table, and everything changed. The only way she was able to get the evidence and the testimony regarding the case was by posing as a law professor at one of the most prestigious law schools in Korea, Seojung University law school.

As soon as she entered this Law School, she had no idea that everything was going to change for the better for her. She will experience some of the most unexpected emotions of her life in the very near future.

On the other hand, Gong Chan is a college student studying at the same law school where Soo-Jae will be a professor in the near future. In the end, Go ng Chan falls in love with Soo-Jae, and they become close.

In spite of the fact that he never expected to fall in love with the professor, he felt so protective of Soo-Jae now that he was determined never to let anything harm her.

Why Her Season 2 Trailer

It is too soon for a trailer for season 2 to be released, as we have already said that there is no release date for season 2. We have provided a link below so that you can watch the trailer for Season 1 of the show until then.

Where To Watch Why Her Season 2?

If you haven’t watched this series yet, then we highly recommend you watch this drama. On Rakuten Viki, you will be able to watch it for free. It is also possible to watch the second season on the same streaming service once it becomes available.

Final Word

Viewers are eager to know when the next season of Why Her will be out now that the show’s last season has ended. 

In spite of this, we have provided you with all the information we know about the series and hope you have found this article useful.