Will There Be We Best Love Season 3? Release Date, Cast, And All Other Details

In Taiwan, a popular drama is known as WBL or We Best Love. The series has already had two successful seasons, and the fans eagerly anticipate the third season.

This story was very well received by the fans, as it revolved around their appearance of being “enemies” but quickly transformed into possessive friendship, which blossomed into the kind of love that makes your heart flutter.


In this article, however, we have discussed all the details about the series, including the We Best Love season 3 release date.

We Best Love Season 3 Release Date

We Best Love Season 3 Release Date

Currently, the makers of We Best Love have yet to release any details regarding the release date of season 3 of the show. Unfortunately, there will be a wait before the exact release date is determined.


As a result, every fan gets curious about when they will be able to watch their favorite series. With each passing day, more and more people became interested to know the precise release date of the series.

Further and more importantly, it cannot be denied that We Best Love is one of the most popular series out there, not only from Taiwanese fans but also from fans worldwide that enjoy watching it.

We Brest Love Season 3 Cast

We Best Love Season 3 Cast


However, we can expect that season 3 will have the same cast members as season 2. Thus we have mentioned the cast list of the series below.

  • YU, as Zhou Shu Yi
  • Sam Lin as Gao Shi De
  • Ray Chang as Pei Shou Yi 
  • Chih Tain Shih as Yu Zhen Xuan
  • Richard Lee as Shi Zhe Yu
  • Evan Lua as Liu Bing Wei
  • Yoza Eriku as Shu Yi’sYi’s father

We Best Love Season 3 Plot

We Best Love Season 3 Plot

After five years, in season 2, we witnessed the changes in Zhou Shu Yi and Gao Shi De’s lifestyles after they graduated from college. 

As well as how they dealt with their personal lives and societal pressures after graduating from college. Both of them make a great deal of effort to balance their professional and personal lives.

From the start, The Legend of Zelda series was loved and adored by fans worldwide. There was a sense of excitement and thrill to the story as it began, as it always does with new beginnings.

In addition to our utter delight at the setting and our first glance at all the characters, Shu Yi, on the other hand, did not share our enthusiasm for this show.

During a few years, the transition from a student to a professional brought about many changes, which is the point at which the second semester took place.

It was also wonderful to see the old and new characters juggling all the responsibilities of everyday life while maintaining the romance between them.

Hopefully, this will continue to be the case in season three, which we can expect to see. Nevertheless, we will have to wait a bit longer before we know exactly what will happen, as the makers will reveal some information very soon.

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We Best Love Season 3 Trailer

It is very obvious to say that there has yet to be a trailer released for season 3 of We Best Love so far. As a result, fans will have to wait a little longer before watching the trailer for the series.

According to what we’ve mentioned above, there has yet to be any word on when season 3 will be released. It still needs to be too early to expect a trailer for season 3 to be released.

The season 3 release date will be announced soon, but you have to wait for now. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for the second season of We Best Love while you wait for season 3.

There is, however, a trailer link below, which you can watch by simply clicking on the link below.


Where To Watch We Best Love Season 3?

As both previous seasons of the series are available on the Dailymotion streaming site, you can watch the series there. Whenever season 3 gets released, it will also be available on the same streaming platform.


Final Word

We Best Love is getting popular all over the world. And fans of this series are eagerly waiting for the news of season 3. To give you all the information, we have mentioned the critical details of the series.

Thus we hope that the information that we have mentioned above will be helpful to you. We also hope this article will help you understand the series’ specific details precisely.