Winter Everett Before And After: All Updates That You Must Need To Know

Winter Everett was one of the show’s breakthrough stars in Season 2. In addition to the drama that catapulted Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno to public prominence, this 90 Day Fiance spin-off concentrates on the married couple and their extended family.

In the second season of The Family Chantel, the Chantel and Jimeno tales take center stage, while the Jimeno and Everett families also play key roles. The weight reduction struggle of Chantel’s sister Winter Everett is one such topic that viewers found interesting.


Winter Everett Before And After

Winter Everett displayed her bodily change after losing weight in the third season of The Family Chantel. The TLC personality disclosed her 50-pound weight reduction for the first time in 2020 and has continued her weight loss journey since then.

Fans in 2022 are curious about Winter Everett’s weight loss operation and before-and-after photos. Winter is now a fitness influencer with several business endorsements, as seen by her Instagram account.

Winter Everett was one of the standout performers from The Family Chantel. It is one of several spin-offs of 90 Day Fiance, a TLC reality shows that launched Chantel Everett and her husband Pedro Jimeno to popularity. Public fascination with their drama focuses on the married couple and their extended family.


The second spin-off season, The Family Chantel, focuses mostly on the Chantel and Jimeno families. However, there are other subplots involving the Jimeno and Everett families. The weight-loss journey of Chantel’s sister, Winter Everett, is an example of a plot that many found compelling. Previously, we discussed Dan Fogler’s and David Venable’s weight reduction.

Winter Everett Weight Loss Surgery

Winter Everett’s Weight Loss Surgery

The third episode of the second season, titled “Ugly Sweaters, Painted Beards,” provided viewers with a deeper knowledge of Winter Everett’s weight difficulties and weight reduction quest.


In a confession scene, she discussed her background and how she came to battle with her weight. When Winter Everett spoke candidly about her lifelong struggle with body image and weight, several audience members were moved to tears.

Based on a small glance into Chantel’s background, the audience might imagine how tough it must have been to be her younger sister. Chantel is stunningly attractive and possesses a figure that any admirer would want.

Chantel consistently eclipsed Winter, the least beautiful of the two sisters. All of this stemmed from the fact that she did not resemble her sister and, in her words, “she is not her.”

Throughout her upbringing, Winter Everett was constantly compared to her sister. She could never achieve better than her sister since she was overweight, which is the opposite of what society expected of a woman. She could not stop thinking about how repulsive she seemed. It had a severe impact on her self-esteem and self-worth.

She donned a lot of makeup and experimented with numerous haircuts and costumes to avoid resembling Chantel.

Winter Everett had a tough upbringing due to continuous comparisons to her more attractive and renowned sister and struggles with self-esteem and weight.

She suffered a loss of self-esteem due to this unjust and destructive comparison, but the sisterly relationship was also damaged.

Winter had no clue how she and her sister had grown so radically opposed after sharing life for so long. They ate well together, exercised together, and supported the same team. As a result, Winter gained weight, while Chantel became an athletic young lady.

Her initial consultation for bariatric surgery was also depicted in this episode. Winter Everett let the video team follow her to her bariatric weight reduction surgery visit with Dr. Proctor, which she attended with her mother, Karen. She was sad due to her 313-pound weight at the time.

Winter Everett

Despite her efforts, she remained in the 3-pound range on the scale. Her attempts at dieting had failed.

This episode will air on October 26, 2020. Fans of The Family Chantel were astonished to hear that Winter had dropped 50 pounds in July 2020 when she updated them on her weight reduction journey with before-and-after images.

After reaching her highest weight of 330 pounds, she stated that she had never prioritized her health on an Instagram post. However, in 2020, she changed her viewpoint and began focusing on who she was rather than what she desired, resulting in a 50-pound weight loss.

In December of 2019, filming for the season concluded. Winter had already begun her weight reduction quest and shed 50 pounds by the time the episode was recorded in October 2020.

In the eighth episode of the third season, which aired on November 29, 2021, and was titled ‘Truth Be Told,’ Winter Everett revealed her weight loss metamorphosis.

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Since losing 50 pounds for the first time in 2020, the reality star has continued to lose weight. In stark contrast to her former attire, she now flaunts her toned arms, legs, and entire body in exposing apparel, a far cry from how she used to conceal herself.

Winter’s image has been altered since she lost weight, and she is now her influencer. Due to her fitness addiction, she has secured several brand partnerships.

Winter Everett had been dieting and working out at the gym, which appeared to be effective. Although she had previously seen a bariatric surgeon, many of the show’s fans now doubt whether or not her dramatic weight reduction is the product of the treatment.