Winter House Season 2 Release Date: Is The Series Renewed For The Second Season?

The Bravo television series ‘Winter House centers on a group of friends who take a 14-day vacation to Stowe, Vermont. Amidst snowy ski slopes and tall beers, the group celebrates to the fullest extent possible.

As crazy encounters test new and old friendships, intriguing sexual connections are forged over late-night chats and hot tub swims.


This show is a spinoff of ‘Summer House’ and features cast members from that series and Southern Charm. Fans were extremely delighted by the group’s daring excursions against New England’s winter paradise.

As the show exemplifies the effortless fun that only reality television can deliver, it is not surprising that many are longing for a new season. Here is all you need to know about the second season of ‘Winter House.’

Winter House Season 2 Release Date

Assuming all goes according to plan, we should expect the second season to premiere in 2022. The newest seasons of The Summer House and Southern Charm are expected to premiere in the beginning and middle of 2022.


As a result of how quickly the first season of Winter House was made, we should be able to see it on TV in late 2022.

This is not the exact broadcast time, so we will have to cross our fingers until further official information is released.



Winter House Season 2 Cast

Season 2 expected cast is as follows:

  • Julia McGuire,
  • Kyle Cooke,
  • Jason Cameron,
  • Luke Gulbranson,
  • Paige DeSorbo,
  • Amanda Batula,
  • Andrea Denver.
  • Austen Kroll,
  • Lindsay Hubbard,
  • Gabrielle Knicely,
  • Ciara Miller,
  • Craig Conover.

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Winter House Season 2 Plot

If season 2 is approved, the cast would likely visit a picturesque winter locale. There is a chance we will return to Stowe, Vermont. However, a new place may also be chosen.


Certainty dictates that we shall witness the show’s essential crying conflicts and flirtatious encounters between the buddies. We are certain that winter activities will be explored and that booze will flow freely. Now, all that remains is to await the official renewal announcement!

Regardless of what transpires, we can anticipate emotional arguments and humorous banter amongst the show’s core characters.

We estimate that many alcoholic drinks will be consumed due to participation in winter sports. There is nothing left to do other than to await the formal announcement of the renewal!

Winter House Season 2 Trailer

As season 2 is not yet confirmed, so there is no trailer. Check the season 1 trailer below:

Where To Watch Winter House Season 2?

Go and stream Winter House season 1 on Bravo TV.