Year Of The Rabbit Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

The ‘Year of the Rabbit’ is the creation of Kevin Cecil and Andy Riley and is a black comedy buddy cop sitcom. In 2019, the series was first aired to mixed reviews from viewers in the United States. Ben Taylor directs the series.

There hasn’t been a season two for three years, and the fans are still waiting. Thus we have described all the details, including the Year of the Rabbit season 2 release date.


Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Release Date

It was premiered in the United States by Channel 4 and on IFC in the United Kingdom by IFC in April 2019, according to a press release. As soon as the Year of the Rabbit was released for the first time, it received a positive response from viewers.

There is no doubt that Season 2 of the show is one of the most anticipated seasons by fans. The officials have not yet announced Year of the Rabbit Season 2, so we cannot be sure what will happen next season.


In 2023, we expect a new season to be released, and we look forward to it. Moreover, we confirm that, as of yet, no release date has been set for the second season of Year of the Rabbit.

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Cast

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Cast

There has been no announcement of who will be the cast of the show’s upcoming season. There are, however, some cast members who are most looking forward to joining the franchise in Season 2 of Year of the Rabbit:


Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Plot

Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Plot

As you will see in the series, the story revolves around a team of detectives working in London. One of the main protagonists in the series is the rabbit, a detective with two young partners who dedicates his life to solving crimes.

Watching the first six episodes of season six, we became acquainted with the central characters and the criminal cases they were assigned to solve.

In the case of Season 2, there seems to be no synopsis available. Despite that, there will be more dramatic events in the upcoming season.

The Season 1 episodes of “Year of the Rabbit” can be enjoyed until then, so you can enjoy them until then. However, we can say that there will be a lot of drama and comedy in case the second season arrives.

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Year of the Rabbit Season 2 Trailer

A new trailer for Season 2 of Year of the Rabbit has yet to be released, but it is expected to do so very soon. It was released in May 2019, and the first season trailer was released; one year later, in June of 2019, it was released that the first season was released.

As with the season 2 trailer, we can also anticipate its release the same way the season 1 trailer was released. As of this season, however, it will be difficult to obtain a trailer for the upcoming season due to the lack of trailers available.

Where To Watch Year of the Rabbit Season 2?

There are currently 3 streaming services on which you can watch “Year of the Rabbit”: BritBox, Topic, and BritBox, Amazon Channel. It is, however, possible for viewers to access the video at any time they want.

Final Word 

The show, Year of the Rabbit, is about to enter its second season.  As a result of its popularity, the series has received many viewers and has achieved an IMBd rating of 7.4.

Because of the hype and anticipation that has been created around this show, there are many expectations of this series from the fans. This series is suitable for those who enjoy comedy series and would like to watch them.

Even though it has been three years already, there is still no update available on the second season. Nevertheless, we will continue to update you on the series whenever there is any new information we discover about it.