Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled? Check Here!

David Holden created the American romantic comedy series Young & Hungry. This series is about the complexities of employment, relationships, and love. It is about how a pair handles the situation. The majority of couples will find it simple to relate to the plot and characters.

This is the core and beauty of this series. On June 25, 2014, the premiere aired on Freedom (formerly ABC Family). The last episode of the fifth season aired on July 25, 2018, following five seasons. Additionally, a special episode of the series was released on November 24, 2015.


In 2016, it received four Teen Choice Award nominations, two People’s Choice Award nominations, and one Imagen Awards nomination. Its five-season run was deemed successful, and both the actors and fans hoped there would be the sixth season, but this was not the case.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Release Date

Since the conclusion of the previous season, fans have been impatiently awaiting information regarding season 6. They wish to know, “Will “Young and Hungry” return for a sixth season?” Fans will be shocked to discover that the producers had already canceled the show’s sixth season in March 2018.

Nevertheless, some fans still hope the show will return for a sixth season. Several claims show that the series will premiere in the latter few months of 2022 or the first few months of 2023. However, the production team has yet to reply to these rumors.


Hence they are untrue. It has already been established that the series will not return for a sixth season. The fifth season of Young and Hungry was the final season of the series. The reason behind the cancellation is unknown.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Release date
Young and Hungry Season 6 Release date

Young and Hungry Season 6 Cast

Season 6 cast will be as follows:

  • Kym Whitley will play the role of Yolanda
  • Emily Osment being Gabi Diamond
  • Aimee Carrero in the role of Sofia Rodriguez
  • Jonathan Sadowski will act as Josh Kaminski
  • Rex Lee being Elliot Park

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Young and Hungry Season 6 Plot

Young and Hungry are based on the life of rich San Francisco resident Josh Kaminski. He is an intelligent, pleasant, and hospitable entrepreneur by trade.

He employs Gabi Diamond as his private chef because she prepares a meal for his girlfriend that would convince her to accept his marriage proposal.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Plot
Young and Hungry Season 6 Plot

However, as fate would have it, she breaks up with him. He is left inconsolable, and Gobi and Josh have a one-night stand. However, as time passes, their feelings and connection develop. The series focuses heavily on both of them and their lifestyles.

The plot focuses on the couple’s relationship and love lives. Gabi is confronted with obstacles that are not limited to the kitchen.

The remainder of the novel focuses on how they both respond to the circumstance, relationship issues, the numerous misunderstandings, and, most significantly, their developing love.

Young and Hungry Season 6 Trailer

Since the series’s sixth season has already been canceled, there will be no trailer for it. However, check the season 5 trailer below.

Where To Watch Young and Hungry Season 6

Go and stream Young And Hungry seasons 1-5 on Netflix.