Zootopia+ Disney Plus Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Plot, And All Details

It’s been six years since Walt Disney Animation debuted “Zootopia,” the fictional buddy-cop drama regarding a mammal municipality.

In 2016, fans were presented to the fiercely hopeful Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin), the foremost rabbit to enter Zootopia’s police power and indeed the first to find a city-wide collaboration with the help of her cunning fox con-artist member, Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman).


The movie quickly became a huge victory and finished up one of the highest-grossing premieres of 2016, making around $1 billion globally.

Fans and analysts praised the film for its satisfying story and poignant note, so inherently, Disney is examining to continue the Zootopia trend of victory.

A metropolis full of anthropomorphic creatures means an abundance of story possibilities to fill a sequel, so Disney has been creating the spin-off collection series, “Zootopia+.”


With the sequel set to come at Disney+ later this year, it will be ready for the next wave of Zootopia-encouraged plushies. Below is everything you need to know regarding Zootopia+.

Zootopia+ release date

As Disney+ resumes experimenting with debuting movies via streaming as a byproduct of the epidemic, it’s reasonable to wonder how a “Zootopia 2” premiere may look. With movies such as “Luca” and “Turning Red,” Disney decided to forego theatrical releases and went directly to exclusively streaming.

But with the built-in hit of the first film and a guaranteed audience of enthusiastic lovers, “Zootopia 2” may manage differently.


From Marvel assignments to live-action remakes of classic tales to reboots of thoughtful fan choices, Disney has a ton on its scale.

We don’t have a premiere date for the sequel, but given the buzz online, it’s obvious that fans are expecting it comes shortly than later to enter the levels of other long-awaited sequels. “Zootopia” was formed two years, so patience is essential here.

It’s also likely that “Zootopia+,” a forthcoming anthology sequel from Disney+, will be a follow-up to the movie rather than a classic sequel. The series is slated for premiere in 2022.

Nevertheless, with no official statement from anyone at Disney, it’s unbelievable to know whether or not “Zootopia 2” will be entering the growing franchise.

Zootopia+ Release Date

Zootopia+ cast

The expected cast of Zootopia 2 is as follows:

  • Ginnifer Goodwin being Judy Hopps,
  • Jenny Slate being Dawn Bellwether,
  • Jason Bateman will act as Nick Wilde,
  • Maurice LaMarche being Mr. Big
  • Octavia Spencer will act as Mrs. Otterton
  • Leah Latham in the role of Fru Fru,
  • Idris Elba will play the role of Chief Bogo,
  • Raymond S. Persi will perform as Flash

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Zootopia 2 Plot

As I have stated before, the internet and the leaders at Disney have stayed woefully quiet regarding a ‘Zootopia’ series which is uncanny, particularly showing how huge of a triumph the first one was.

I state this because while it is not completely unusual for Disney films to be box office hits, ‘Zootopia’ was confirmed to be a hit about the love it got from its audiences.

Nevertheless, It might even be too earlier to anticipate since even ‘Frozen’ brought more than six years to come with a sequel after the first one tossed the world, particularly the children in a snowy madness.

Pixar, too, has approximately the exact production rate given that, as revealed by several animation professionals, creating a digitally animated film is taxing and hard, involving storyboarding and consequences and, eventually, the animation and the rendering.

The lengthy and quick of it is that while we sense that a ‘Zootopia’ sequel is indeed at work at the studios, an official report still hasn’t come.

Amongst all this quietness, Tommy Lister shattered the news during an internet meet and welcome session that Disney was preparing up for not one but two more series.

This is what he had to state during the session. “I can inform you that I’m doing another Zootopia with Disney. We [are] doing three of them. We [are] the greatest movie that Disney is making.

The previous one was 240 million. This one, I’m listening, will be 300 million. That’s what they expended on the budget, not the advertisement.”

Despite no official proof, this is as near as we can bring to it now since Lister said Finnick, Nick Wilde’s ex-partner, and assistant, would be attached to reprise his role in forthcoming sequels.

Zootopia+ Plot

Similarly, Disney is expanding Billions by creating a Zootopia-themed motherland in Shanghai. You and I understand it wouldn’t make sense if Disney didn’t plan to extend the ‘Zootopia movies into an exclusive franchise.

As an original movie, ‘Zootopia’s most admirable feat, more than its story, its likable characters, and the spirit, is that within the little bracket of the runtime of the original movie, you are presented with a broadly imaginative world ripe with creativity, and one that you would want to come back.

A world including anthropomorphic creatures reflecting different real-life socio-political systems, and I daresay sections and splits that were quite “human” in nature.

That is the foremost advice for potential demand for the sequel. A bit of a no-brainer since any creatively bent filmmaker’s initial instinct would be to develop upon this wonderful world and the stories of its extremely charming characters, which I, as a spectator, am fully invested and curious in.

Beyond Tundra Town, Sahara Square, Rainforest District, Savanna Central, Bunnyburrow, and the small village of Little Rodentia.

Moving ahead, believing that the outcome of an imaginary world would implicate equally great personalities to settle it, Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ cut aces.

Not numerous of you would dispute that ‘Zootopia’ was a long tease. We are much more curious to examine what lies outside the animal municipality and how much more creatively the producers can get all of it to completion. The advice of a fantastic iceberg, if you may.

The identical may be stated for the characters, particularly Judy Hopps, whose confidence and fierce willpower became the core of the movie; associated with Nick Wilde’s wily characteristics and leading conversion into the intrinsic good man that he was done, the duo’s chemistry doing a lot of the job here too.

It instantly gets me to my second tip for potential directions that the sequel could move in. Since it’s a no-brainer that we would have these casts back in the sequel, I hope the second Zootopia movie develops significantly upon the connection between Hopps and Wilde.

As the first one finished with Nick being indicted into the Zootopia Police Department as Lucy’s companion, it would be careful to think that the second one would more instantly launch in the way of a buddy cop movie. That scene in Zootopia should be a delightful thing to see.

Zootopia+ trailer

Check the trailer of Zootopia here:

Where To Watch Zootopia 2?

Zootopia 2 will release on Disney Plus, and the first season is available to watch on the same streaming platform.