Agatha House Of Harkness Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

There was a desire among fans for more after WandaVision. In addition to being one of the most celebrated Marvel projects of all time, it is also one of the best, most stunning, and most brilliantly acted television shows ever produced.

As for what other fans can expect in the near future, it was quick for them to begin speculating what else will be added to the game in the future.


The villain Agatha Harkness is without a doubt one of the best! Seeing her in more episodes is a great thing, and we look forward to seeing more of her.

Agatha House Of Harkness Release Date

agatha house of harkness release date

Even though we are not yet surprised to learn that Agatha: House of Harkness is going to premiere on Disney+ in 2022, we do know that the show is expected to premiere as soon as that year.


As was mentioned earlier, the main character of this series is said to be a spinoff of the famous Wandavision series. As a spinoff of the Marvel Comics universe, the series is produced by Kevin Feige and Jac Schaeffer, the director of the movie.

There is a high chance that the makers will announce the correct release date for the game soon and that the release will not be postponed for any reason whatsoever.

Agatha House Of Harkness Cast

Kathryn Hahn plays the role of Agatha in this series of television shows, and her main role is that of Agatha. Currently, she is a second Marvel character, and now she is going to star in a spinoff series on Disney+ called Wandavision, a spinoff that is going to be released on Hotstar this year. 


There has been some effort made by the makers to keep the cast and the rest of the characters under wraps. Currently, no details have been revealed about the cast.

There is no doubt that Marvel fans are thrilled to see their favorite Marvel character, Agatha, once again on their screens, and we are hoping that Kathyrn will do a fantastic job portraying her.

Agatha House Of Harkness Plot

It is a mystery as to what will transpire in Agatha Harkness’s upcoming Disney+ show, just like the plot of most things she is associated with.

As a result, there have been countless theories and ideas conjured up by fans of the show regarding what the upcoming series may bring. 

The idea of a prequel to the series has, however, been proposed as one premise that’s been put forth more than any other. There is also the idea that Agatha is trapped for some reason inside Westview with the other residents and that it is Wanda who creates the illusion of Agatha being trapped inside.

Several fans believe this could result in a situation resembling a “WandaVision”-esque scenario, including similar production elements and interactions on the screen, such as the use of black-and-white or playing a laugh track in the background at certain points during the movie.

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Agatha House Of Harkness Trailer

The trailer or teaser for this upcoming series has not yet been released, and we are still waiting for an official release date. It should be noted that the name of the series was announced at the Disney Plus Day event in November of last year, so it is still a mystery.

In order to be able to see some great stills and to get an idea of what to expect from this undertaking, we hope that the makers release a teaser for the venture really soon.

In spite of that, it is possible that an official trailer won’t appear until the new series is released.

Where To Watch Agatha House Of Harkness?

We have discussed a lot about the series, and the whole series is set to premiere on Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar shortly after the show debuts on the streaming service.

As a result of the hype and expectations that it is creating among the fans, it is true that fans are anxious to know more information about the series, as there is a lot of hype and expectation surrounding it.

Final Word

The viewers are still out on whether or not this Marvel spinoff, the Dark Comedy, will be released on Disney+ this year. 

However, we do know that there is already a lot of hype around its release, as it is all set to be released on Disney+ this year. The audience is excited to witness the upcoming venture on screen despite not knowing much about the plot, the storyline, and the cast.