Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie Release Date Confirmed Or Canceled!

We have a title for Avengers 5, and not only that, we have a date for when the film will be released. The fifth installment of the Avengers series will be called The Kang Dynasty at Marvel’s Comic-Con panel, and Jonathan Majors – aka Kang – is likely to play a major role in the film.

We predict that the fifth film in the MCU will be completely different from the first four, as the MCU has moved on from its OG heroes.


The team will look fresh with new additions to the team like Shang-Chi and the Eternals, as well as new weapons and equipment.

Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie Release Date

Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie release date

A new movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, will be released on May 2, 2025; Avengers: Secret Wars (aka Avengers 6) will be released on November 7, 2025, bringing an end to both Phase six as well as the second saga, or the multiverse story.


As mentioned, Marvel announced the release date of Kang Dynasty at San Diego Comic-Con in 2022, which means it’s straight from the source.

It is important to note that schedule changes and delays happen from time to time in the movie-making process, so we will let you know if the movie’s release date is pushed back at any point.

Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie Cast

At this point, there are no casting details for Avengers: The Kang Dynasty that has been confirmed, but we do know one actor that we can absolutely expect to see in the movie: Jonathan Majors.


There is no word yet on who will be on the Avengers team that Kang faces, but it has taken a long time for fans to get a handle on who will be on their team, so why should it stop them from making guesses?

Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie Plot

Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie release date

There have been certain clues about the nature of Kang in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the Loki season one finale, despite the fact that The Kang Dynasty plot has been kept tightly under wraps.

In Loki’s final scene, Jonathan Majors appeared as the character ‘He Who Remains,’ one of many versions of Kang that were established as variations on one another.

It is said that one of the ‘variants’ of He Who Remains was a scientist from the Earth, living in the 31st century, who said that he was one of the ‘variants’.

The scientist discovered that he was capable of traveling between universes and then met different versions of himself that lived in other dimensions, and the journey continued from there.

As the four universes shared technology and knowledge, and their relationship was friendly, it was initially peaceful between the Kang variants.

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Avengers Kang Dynasty Movie Trailer

There has yet to be any footage released about the film since we haven’t even been confirmed that the film is going to be shot at all, so it’s going to be a while before we receive any footage.

It is unfortunate that there has been a long wait before the fans will be able to see any footage or trailer of the movie. But as we mentioned, the trailer link for Loki has been provided, so if you haven’t watched it yet, please do click on the link to watch it; otherwise, you will not be able to access it.

Where To Watch Avengers Kang Dynasty?

In the near future, Marvel Studios will release a live-action version of Avengers: The Kang Dynasty on their Disney Plus streaming service.

There is still a long time to wait until the movie is released. However, we know that with every MCU movie that gets released, there will always be a lot of hype amongst the fans.

Final Word

The context of this implies that Kang’s variants are gaining momentum in the background, not being kept in check by the sacred timeline of He Who Remains. It would seem likely that Kang’s variants will manage to rise in the background.

It is possible that at some point, their multiversal war will recur, which would force the Avengers to become involved again.