Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date And Everything We Know So Far About The A24 Movie

I love horror movies. Do you? I have discussed horror movies several timed. I have watched many horror films, and I love them. But do you know what is more exciting? Horror+comedy, and that’s where Bodies Bodies Bodies comes into my mind. 

It is the latest A24 comedy horror movie that will be released in theaters soon, seeking not just to make you shout but also laugh. 


Bodies Bodies Bodies is the best mix of horror and comedy scenes that will definitely be going to entertain you. A24 has created many amazing horror films in previous years, and now it’s the turn of Bodies Bodies Bodies

But, you may be wondering when the movie will release? Who will be in the cast, and what will be the plot and storyline of the movie? Well! Here are all details about Bodies Bodies Bodies. So, let’s get started!

Bodies Bodies Bodies Release Date

bodies bodies bodies release date


I have good news for you. Happily, you don’t have to wait for long for the Bodies Bodies Bodies movie. It is verified that Bodies Bodies Bodies movie will premiere on August 5, 2022.

The movie has already been released globally as it was a part of the South by Southwest Film Festival in March 2022. 

Bodies Bodies Bodies Cast

The cast will be as follows:

  • Chase Sui Wonders being Emma
  • Amandla Stenberg being Sophie
  • Rachel Sennott in the role of Alice
  • Pete Davidson will perform as David.
  • Lee Pace will act as Greg
  • Maria Bakalova will act as Bee
  • Conner O’Malley will act as Max
  • Myha’la Herrold in the role of Jordan

Bodies Bodies Bodies Plot

bodies bodies bodies release date

The movie depicts a crew of youthful buddies as they assembled for a party in a remote villa. With phone service down and storming outside, it is not prolonged before their party turns fatal.

Their game quickly turns into tears, dangers, threats, and murders. With a murderer present in the group, relations soon end, and trust dives as the crew try to find the actual killer.

A crew of 7 youthful friends has a home celebration at a remote villa when storming, managed by teenager best friends Sophie, who is now heavy, and David is rich. 

Bee is a professional and working lover of Sophie and new to the crew of friends; she is very kind. The team eats a large amount of cake without finding it is edible. Jordan, one of the main guests, also alerts Bee that Sophie seems different as she showed us. 

Sophie has been in rehab and doesn’t talk to others in the crew for quite some time, and social dynamics are uneasy between them. The crew then started playing games, selecting “bodies bodies bodies,” killing in the dark-themed game. 

The game runs badly and bursts the friendships between them. David questions everyone from his dull lover, Emma, to different outsiders in the crew, including the older Greg, who is vacuous Alice’s unexplored lover. They finished the game but quickly discovered an actual killer had happened and had to again explore for the killer among them. 

Must check:

Bodies Bodies Bodies Trailer

The official trailer of Bodies Bodies Bodies has been released. In the trailer, we can see how a game immediately gets out of hand and how this deal with an actual killer. Check the trailer below:

There is also a second trailer for a movie that points out the fingers at who the killer is in a different direction. Check the 2nd trailer below: