Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Release Date Has A Long Way To Go!

As one of the most popular shows on BET, Carl Weber’s “The Family Business” has managed to earn itself a status as a fan-favorite. In 2018, the crime drama started as a limited series based on a book series by the author and was adapted into a series after that.

The series’ fans are now looking forward to the series’s fifth season after four successful seasons. A popular criminal drama TV series by Carl Weber is the inspiration for the show, combining drama and crime.


In the daytime, the Duncans are a close-knit family of four that owns an exotic car shop in New York City, but at night they engage in more shady business dealings.

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Release Date

Fans eagerly await the release date of season 5 of the series, as we mentioned above. Despite this, it is unfortunate that the makers have yet to reveal anything about the upcoming fifth season of the series.


Considering the series’ popularity, we can conclude that season 5 will come soon. There is a very high chance that there is going to be a season 5. 

It may take some time for the new season to be revealed, but we can guess they will do so in the future. It is now up to the makers of the series to announce the release date of the series, and we can only look forward to it.

As a result, we hope that the producers of the series Carl Weber’s The Family Business have some good news about the show that they will be revealed shortly.


Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Cast

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Cast

The cast members of season 4 of the series will reappear in season 5. Thus we have mentioned the list of cast those who are expected to appear in the next season of the series

  • Ernie Hudson as L.C. Duncan
  • Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan
  • Darrin DeWitt Henson as Orlando Duncan
  • Javicia Leslie as Paris Duncan
  • Sean Ringgold as Junior Duncan
  • Tami Roman as London Duncan-Grant
  • Miguel A. Núñez Jr. as Harris Grant
  • KJ Smith, who played Sasha

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Plot

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Plot

The series’ creators have yet to officially announce that there will be the 5th season of Family Business. Anyhow, there is no doubt that it will pick up where Season 4 left off unquestionably.

According to the family, this explains how the family came to rely on murder as a source of income. Even though marijuana was only recently legalized in France when this program was being produced, there used to be a slaughterhouse called Hazan Meats.

As far as the general public is concerned, the legalization of marijuana does not seem to be a very novel concept, which is why it is permitted to be sold and used in the same spots as other common commodities.

As a result, fans are very excited about the upcoming season 5 of the show. While fans eagerly anticipate the series, there has been a lot of craze among fans in regard to the series, so they seem to be excited about it.

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Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5 Trailer

As far as we know, the release date of season 5 of the series has yet to be announced. As a result, season 5 still needs to get a trailer.

However, don’t worry, as we have mentioned the trailer link for season 4 for you guys. If you have not yet watch it, you can watch it now by clicking on the link below.

Where To Watch Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 5?

There is no other way to watch this series except on The Roku Channel or BET PLUS. Despite this, it has not been made available to the Indian audience yet, so we have to wait until it becomes available on other OTT platforms in the near future and keep our enthusiasm intact while we wait.

Final Word

An upstanding, tight-knit family in Upstate New York, the Duncans own a business that deals with exotic cars and operates a dealership by day. 

This is the story of The Family Business, which follows the Duncans. The business activities of these individuals tend to be more illicit at night when they are operating at night.

Nevertheless, we have provided you with all the relevant information regarding the series. We hope this information helps you better understand what season 5 of the series will be like.

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