Delhi Crime Season 3 Release Date And All Other Updates

As part of Netflix’s new Delhi Crime series, the streaming service presents a thrilling crime thriller that follows the lives of the Delhi Police, a force led by a female deputy commissioner who is one of the top figures within the Delhi Police Department.

No doubt, this is one of the most popular series of recent years, and all around the world, it has managed to gain a loyal following of fans.


In addition to being critically acclaimed and popular, Delhi Crime was also recognized at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and at the Primetime Emmy Awards in the year 2020 as one of the best drama series on television.

As a result of this series, Delhi Crime became the first series to receive an Emmy award. Many fans of the series eagerly anticipate the release date of season 3 of this series after two successful seasons have been released.

Delhi Crime Season 3 Release Date

Delhi Crime Season 3 Release Date


There is a strong interest in a third season of Delhi Crime among viewers, and the series is highly popular. We will be able to witness a real-life crime portrayed perfectly in the premise of the show, which will be very exciting and interesting for the audience.

It appears that Delhi Crime is focusing on another crime, which should also make season 3 an exciting one to follow. A new season has not been confirmed yet, so we don’t know if we will see one.

As you can see, however, there is a high likelihood that we might be able to see a new season of the show due to its popularity. There are only a few things we can say now other than to wait until the makers don’t reveal any updates on the show’s third season.


Delhi Crime Season 3 Cast

Delhi Crime Season 3 Cast

It is a well-known fact that the cast of a series is very important since it has a great deal of influence on its success.. The creators, however, have not provided any information regarding the cast for season 3.

However, we can assume that the star cast for season 3 will be similar to the star cast for season 2.

  • Shefali Shah as the DCP Vartika Chaudhary
  • Neeti Singh, played by Rasika Dugal
  • Bhupendra Singh by Rajesh Tailang
  • Sub-Inspector Jairaj Singh by Anurag Arora
  • Sub-Inspector Sudhir Kumar by Gopal Datt
  • SHO Subhash Gupta by Sidharth Bhardwaj

Delhi Crime Season 3 Plot

Delhi Crime Season 3 Plot

There were actual police cases that were the inspiration behind Delhi Crime’s first two seasons. There is a high probability that the third edition will follow the same path as the previous two.

It’s clear that with the program’s second season, it has shown its talent for tying together two true crimes to tell one story during the course of the year.

It is true that there is a great deal of crime in the national capital. The events depicted in the fictionalized story of “Delhi Crime” are not restricted to a certain year or time period since they have been altered for dramatic effect.

As well as the 2009 murder of IT professional Jigisha Ghosh, there are several other case files that could be used as a basis for the show’s upcoming season.

There were various murderous sprees committed by Devendra Sharma, also known as ‘Doctor Death,’ including the assassination of journalist Jessica Lal and the dreadful 2006 Nithari child murders.

In spite of the fact that the plot’s specifics are unknown, there is no doubt that this will be a difficult case that requires swift and accurate action.

Delhi Crime Season 3 Trailer

It’s too soon to expect a trailer for season 3; as we said above, it has not yet received a release date. But in the meantime, the fans can watch the trailer for season 2, as we have mentioned in the link below.

Where To Watch Delhi Crime Season 3?

Due to the fact that Delhi Crime is a Netflix original series, you can stream it on Netflix. The show’s previous seasons should be watched if you haven’t seen them before, since they are very interesting.

Final Word

The series Delhi Crime focuses on Vartika Chaturvedi, the Delhi Commissioner of Police, who is on a mission to find the perpetrators behind the rape of a young woman and the suspects responsible for it.

However, we have mentioned all the details about the series in this article, and we hope that this article will be helpful to you in every way.