Destination Fear Season 5 Release Date: Is The Show Renewed?

You will undoubtedly enjoy watching Destination Fear if you are interested in watching series with genres such as horror, thriller, and mystery.

There is an American television series based on paranormal activities, and it was created on a documented basis. The fact that the series explores real haunted places and the paranormal activities associated with them makes it even more engaging and intriguing for viewers.


However, now there are three successful seasons of the series, and the makers have not revealed anything about the further seasons. The craze for the series is so high that fans are anticipating the release of seasons 4 and 5 together.

Today in this article, we have discussed all the details about the series, which also includes Destination Fear Season 5 release date.

Destination Fear Season 5 Release Date

Destination Fear Season 5 Release Date


Season 3 was released on 24 July 2021, and no further updates have been provided on new seasons since then. There is no doubt that fans are expecting seasons 4 and 5 to be released at the same time, as we mentioned earlier.

When it comes to the release date, of season 5, the release date of season 4 has yet to be announced. As a result, fans will have to wait a little bit longer to get further information about the series’ release date.

It must come as no surprise, however, that Destination Fear continues to hold a certain popularity among the fans. There is no doubt that makers will reveal anything about the series’ release date during the production process.


Destination Fear Season 5  Cast

Destination Fear Season 5 Cast

We expect that the four members of the team will return for the fourth as well as the fifth season of Destination Fear. Thus we have mentioned the names of cast members below:

Destination Fear Season 5 Plot

Destination Fear Season 5 Plot

Dakota Laden is featured along with his squad of paranormal enthusiasts, including his sister Chelsea Laden, Alex Schroeder, and Tanner Wiseman.

As part of the program, members visit haunted locations across the United States in order to test the extent of their fear. Although the exact plot for the forthcoming season is unknown, it is most likely that the squad members will pay a visit to one of the most haunted locations in the country once again.

A few examples of these types of buildings are schools, abandoned buildings, and hospitals. In most cases, the four team members spend the entire night in complete darkness, trying to capture on camera what they believe to be paranormal activities to bring out the truth to the viewers.

There is no doubt that the coming seasons will have some exciting plots and twists and turns that will get your heart racing. As a result, a lot of things remain the same, but with some new twists and experiences added to the story.

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Destination Fear Season 5 Trailer

Destination Fear’s 5th season trailer has yet to be released, so we are unable to provide you with it. In order to watch the trailer, fans will have to wait a little longer until the makers do not disclose any more details.

The trailer for season 3 has been released, and you can watch it until then. We have mentioned a trailer link below, which will direct you to the video.

Where To Watch Destination Fear Season 5?

It is possible to watch this thrilling and exciting show on DIRECTV as well as various other online platforms like JustWatch, where you can stream for free. And whenever seasons 4 and 5 will get released, they will also appear on the same streaming platform.

Final Word

The fact that the series has not been canceled means it can be returned for seasons 4 and 5. As for now, all we need to do is wait for the makers to reveal anything about the future of the series to know what we can expect from it.

In addition, in this article, we have done our best to compile all the possible information about this series in an easy-to-read format. And we hope that it will be helpful for you.