My Tooth Your Love Season 2, What Are The Possibilities for New Season?

In the recent past Taiwanese dramas have gained an increasing amount of popularity worldwide. My Tooth Your Love is one of the dramas that has captured the hearts of many fans worldwide and accumulated a great fanbase.

The series’ first season, which was released on October 2022, is the center of attraction as it has garnered a lot of attention.


However, the popularity of this series has grown so rapidly that fans are way too eager for a new season to be released. Therefore, today in this article, we have discussed all the details about the series, including the My Tooth You Love season 2 release date.

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release Date

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Release Date

When it comes to the release date, we all know that this is one of the most important factors which determine the success of a series or movie.


Fans have always been looking forward to knowing when their favourite series or movies will come out. However, the makers have yet to reveal any details about when the second season of My Tooth Your Love will be released.

Therefore, looking at how popular the series, My Tooth Your Love is at the moment, we can conclude that any news concerning this series will arrive in the near future. The only thing we can do until then is to wait patiently for the outcome.

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Cast

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Cast


It is important to keep in mind that the cast of a movie or series plays an important role in determining its success. As a result, choosing a group of actors that are compatible with the plot is a very important aspect of the success of any series or movie.

The star cast of season 2 is expected to be the same as that of season 1. As a result, we have listed the name in the following list so that you can easily find it.

  • Andy Wu playing the role of Lang Bai
  • Snoopy Yu playing the role of Xun An Jin
  • Alex Chou playing the role of Cheng Hao Chou
  • Wei Yeh Cheng plays the role of Yu Wen Gao
  • Xu Jing Hong plays the role of Xiao Gao
  • Esther Huang plays the role of Ching Bai
  • Michael Chang plays the role of Cing Tian He 
  • Aggie Hsieh plays the role of Tong Xiao
  • Kelly Cheng
  • Hung Chien
  • Iling Kao
  • Jae Hoon Kim
  • Jason Hsu
  • Jui Chih Chiang
  • Yi Jung Wu

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Plot

My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Plot

In the program, the main characters are the toothless bar owner who always casts an uninviting glance in the direction of his colleagues and the harsh dentist who always casts cold glances in their direction.

Throughout the story, Jin Xiun An is portrayed as an intelligent and talented young man who has become a chief dentist in his clinic due to his talents since he was still a child.

It has even been said that he is the Master Prince of Dentistry. After meeting the doctor, Bai is immediately drawn to him but soon finds himself running away from the clinic.

Although this is not the doctor’s first encounter with a situation like this, Bai for him was among the most challenging cases he has dealt with during his entire career as a dentist.

My Tooth Your Love, a Taiwanese drama, promises to deliver a fresh take on the BL genre, transforming dental anxiety into love. However, now we have to wait for the makers to reveal any information about the series’ plot or story.

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My Tooth Your Love Season 2 Trailer

Unfortunately, the makers of the series have yet to release any news about the trailer for season 2, so it is easy to assume that they have yet to release its trailer for the upcoming season.

Nevertheless, season 1 of the show has just been released, and it is too soon to expect anything about the second season. We have provided a link below, allowing you to watch the trailer for season one until then.

Where To Watch My Tooth Your Love Season 2?

Rakuten Viki and Line TV offer a variety of Taiwanese dramas for streaming, including My Tooth Your Love. In addition, when season 2 is released, it will also be available on the same streaming platforms as season 1.

Final Word

There is no doubt that My Tooth Your Love is one of the most famous Taiwanese series, as it has attracted many fans worldwide.

It should also be noted that BL dramas have become increasingly popular in recent years. Nevertheless, we have included the most detailed information about the series in this article. We hope that it will prove helpful for you in your search for information about the series.