The Coyote Season 2 Release Date Latest Details!

The Coyote series is an American crime drama acclaimed by both fans and critics for its captivating storyline and memorable characters.

Thus if you are a fan of crime series, we recommend you to watch it, as it has a thrilling plot that will surely capture your attention.


There is no doubt that the series’ first season will be released on January 2021. In the meantime, fans are eagerly anticipating the release of the second season of The Coyote.

Therefore, today in this article, we will be discussing all the details about the series, and not only this, but we have also mentioned some information about The Coyote season 2 release date.

The Coyote Season 2 Release Date

The Coyote Season 2 Release Date


Generally speaking, we all know that the release date is one of the most critical factors that fans are eager to learn about when it comes to their favorite movie or series.

However, when it comes to the release date of the second season, the makers have yet to give any information about it. In the end, the release date of season two will be a little later than we expected.

Based on the popularity of The Coyote, we can assume that a second season of the series will appear in the near future. 


A great chance exists that the show will be renewed and returned to the network, as it has been one of the network’s flagship programs.

The Coyote Season 2 Cast

The Coyote Season 2 Cast

However, we said above that the series comprises a great cast. And we cannot deny the fact that the cast of the series has contributed a huge part to its success.

Therefore we have mentioned the details about the cast and the names of the form in the below list.

  • Michael Chiklis as Ben Clemens
  • Juan Pablo Raba as Juan Diego
  • Adriana Paz
  • Kristyan Ferrer
  • Octavio Pisano
  • Cynthia McWilliams
  • Julio Cesar Cedillo
  • Emy Mena

The Coyote Season 2 Plot

The Coyote Season 2 Plot

Coyote’s story revolves around Ben Clements, a retired Customs and Border Patrol agent, who is forced to join forces with a Mexican drug cartel to ensure his family’s safety.

The CIA interrogated Clements in the final episode of the series, and throughout the series, he was asked about his viewpoints and ideologies about the world.

If season two returns, it is very difficult to imagine what it will be like. As a former border patrol officer known for his heroic actions in his role as a former member of the Border Patrol, Michael would certainly be a fan favorite if he returned to action.

The makers have yet to disclose what is coming up in the second season, so no one can make any assumptions ahead of time. Until any updates are released, we will have to wait a little longer to get a better idea of what exactly will take place in the story.

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The Coyote Season 2 Trailer

There is still a long way to go before we see a trailer for Coyote Season two since the series is still in the dark as to when season 2 will release.

Please do not worry, as we have provided you with a link to the trailer for season 1. In case you have yet to watch the trailer for the first season of the series, you must watch it by tapping on the link below.

Where To Watch The Coyote Season 2?

If you have read all the information about the series, you probably wonder where to watch it since you have learned all about it.

There are six episodes of Coyote Season 1 available on Paramount Plus, so you can watch them all. CBS will broadcast the second season of Coyote if it is renewed for a second season by the network.

Final Word

Coyote is a television series that has been rated 6.6 out of 10 by IMDb. According to Tomatometer, it received a 58% score on rotten tomatoes.

In addition, both critics, as well as audiences have given positive reviews to the series. There are many reasons to try it, so it’s definitely worth your time and effort!

Despite this, we have made sure to provide all the relevant information regarding the series as we had promised. We hope that the information in this article will be useful to you in any way possible.