Fast & Furious 10 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer And All Latest Updates

‘F9’ (alternatively referred to as ‘Fast & Furious: The Fast Saga’ or ‘Fast & Furious 9) depicts Dominic Toretto and his team as they confront their most formidable adversary yet: Dom’s alienated brother, Jakob.

The high-octane action picture is the ninth entry in the ‘Fast & Furious franchise, which has become a global sensation.


Justin Lin directed the film, which he co-wrote with Daniel Casey. If you enjoyed seeing the Toretto team on their recent high-stakes adventure to defend the globe from cyber-terrorists, you’re probably eager to learn about the group’s next assignment.

If that is the case, then look no further! This page contains all of the information you need to know about ‘Fast & Furious 10’ (or ‘F10’).

Fast & Furious 10 Release Date

Fast & Furious 10’s first installment is presently set for release on May 19, 2023. And while this has not been verified officially, it is quite likely that the film will receive an exclusive cinema run.


Given that the last film, F9, had one of the most profitable theatrical runs of the pandemic era, it’s likely that we’ll see the forthcoming picture in cinemas unless something truly catastrophic occurs.

Fast & Furious 10 was initially supposed to debut in April 2021 but was delayed following the failure of Fast & Furious 9.

It was originally scheduled to be released on April 7, 2023, but has since been postponed once again. There has been no news on when Part 2 of the film will be released, but we should know soon enough.

Fast & Furious 10 Release Date
Fast & Furious 10 Release Date

Fast & Furious 10 Cast

While the full cast list for the film has not been revealed, fans can anticipate the majority of the main cast to appear for the series’ next installment, which will include.

  • Charlize Theron being Cipher
  • Vin Diesel being Dominic Toretto
  • Jason Momoa will perform as TBC
  • Cardi B will play the role of Leysa
  • Chris “Ludacris” Bridges being Tej Parker
  • Nathalie Emmanuel, in the role of Ramsey
  • John Cena will act as Jakob Toretto
  • Tyrese Gibson will perform as Roman Pearce
  • Brie Larson being TBC
  • Michelle Rodriguez will act as Letty Ortiz
  • Daniela Melchior being TBC

Fast & Furious 10 Plot

Cipher, the ruthless cyber-terrorist in ‘F9,’ sets brother against brother by hiring Jakob Toretto to do her nasty deeds. Dom is forced to confront his previous transgressions and, with the assistance of his team, foils Cipher’s scheme. Dom and Jakob reunite in the end.

Fast & Furious 10 Plot
Fast & Furious 10 Plot

While plot information for the tenth episode is scant at the time, we can anticipate the Toretto team embarking on another global adventure. Cipher is still on the run and undoubtedly has ties in the criminal underground, which should enable her to concoct another scheme with fatal results.

Han still maintains a grudge towards Deckard Shaw, and the storyline is hinted at in the ‘F9’ post-credits sequence. Late actor Paul Walker’s character Brian O’Conner may likely appear in the sequel in some capacity, although this is exceedingly improbable.

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