Good Girls Season 5 Release Date: Renewed Or Canceled?

‘Good Girls’ is an NBC criminal comedy series created by Jenna Bans, the creator of ABC’s ‘Off the Map. It chronicles the lives of three Michigan moms, two of whom are sisters. They decide to commit an improbable theft in a suburban store with their backs toward the wall.

Although their reservations, they amass more funds than they anticipated. They draw the attention of the supermarket management and nearby criminal groups in the process. Caught in a labyrinth of deception, secrecy, family crises, heists, and debt, the titular virtuous girls’ life is turned inside out.


The series debuted on February 26, 2018. While some reviews lauded the series for its great ensemble cast and the chemistry between the key characters, others believed that the show might have delivered more in terms of female character depiction.

Despite the show’s mixed reactions, it developed a sizable fan base. Following the launch of the fourth season, you’re probably wondering whether a fifth season will be released.

Since various media sites stated that the series would finish with a shortened fifth season, the topic of its distribution may arise. If the issue is troubling you, allow us to dispel your doubts.


Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

NBC has decided not to renew Good Girls for a fifth season. The current state of the show is canceled. After four seasons, NBC canceled the popular but under-watched web drama series due to poor ratings.

Attempts to bring the series to Netflix, which acts as its streaming home following a worldwide rights agreement for the series, seem to have failed, and the show will not be accessible as an original show on the streaming giant in season five.

Good Girls Season 5 Release Date
Good Girls Season 5 Release Date

Reason For Cancellation Of Good Girls Season 5

Originally, NBC and Universal Studios, the show’s primary producers, intended to conclude the series with a quick and conclusive fifth season, but financing issues prevented this from happening. The precise causes behind this are unknown.


We hypothesize that it has something to do with the show’s declining ratings and audience. However, the fourth season achieved a significantly higher rating than the prior three.

According to rumors, the series was canceled due to budgetary constraints and tensions between the two lead actors, Manny Montana (Rio) and Christina Hendricks (Beth); however, none of the actresses has acknowledged this.

Good Girls Season 4 Storyline

The storyline resumes Beth contemplating creating a hot tub company to simplify her money-laundering scheme. Season 4’s last episode served as a climax to the series.

The conclusion reveals that Beth won the city council vote and begins providing proof linking Rio’s Nick position to criminal activity.

Dean, Beth’s hubby, and Stan, Ruby’s husband, had gotten themselves into another scrape due to Vance. Mick meets Beth suddenly and shoots her throughout all of this.

This conclusion became a source of astonishment in the last season. However, later in the episode, a flashback takes place in Nevada, and we meet Beth.

Thus, it is OK in “good Kirksville” since it was a botched assassination. Ruby and Stan are working on new jingles for their new nail business, which they have christened Sara, while Annie is staying in the RV with Ben and Kevin.

However, old concerns resurface when Sara’s renal problems worsen, leaving Ruby with financial difficulties.

Ben is also subjected to bullying from his transphobic classmates. And Beth comes to terms with the fact that she will never be able to escape her criminal background and start again.

Following Mick’s attempted assassination of Beth, the trio discovers that Mick’s assassination attempt was not intended to murder Beth as he walked away from the murder scene with the pistol he used to shoot her. The same pistol was used to murder Lucy in season three.

While it is suspected that Beth may be framed for Lucy’s death, Annie intervenes and requests that Mick not accuse her. However, Annie is jailed in the future for shooting Beth over “sibling rivalry.”

On the other side, Ruby is in a pickle, deciding whether to abandon Beth amid this catastrophe or watch her family go. Beth meets Rio in the last scene after abandoning her intentions to relocate to Nevada.

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Good Girls Season 5 Trailer

There is no trailer released for Good Girl Season 5, as NBC has announced the show’s cancellation. You may watch the trailer for season 4.

Where To Watch Good Girls?

Goog Girls seasons 1-4 are available to watch on Netflix. So, go and watch now!