Harrow Season 4 Release Date, Cast, And All Other Details!

Harrow is an Australian television series that premiered in 2018 on ABC and is one of the most popular series on the network. In a very short period of time, the series has captivated a good amount of fans.

After three successful seasons, fans eagerly anticipate season 4 of the series. Today in this article, we have discussed each detail about the series Harrow. Not only this, but we have also mentioned some information about the Harrow season 4 release date.


Harrow Season 4 Release Date

Harrow Season 4 Release Date

The ABC producers are still confirming the fourth season of their smash medical drama Harrow which hit the screens in the spring.

Nevertheless, we all know that when it comes to finding out the exact release date, fans are very eager to find out. The situation with Harrow is a little different, as we know that the new season has yet to be officially cancelled or confirmed, but we can say that fans will have to wait a little longer.


Based on its previous sequel, the series would likely have had season 4 by now, but it has yet to be released. It may be released in 2023. There are many theories about the series’ release date, but to know the exact release date, we will have to wait until later in the year.

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Harrow Season 4 Cast

Harrow Season 4 Cast


The Harrow Season 4 cast will likely be made up of the same actors from the previous season as far as the cast is concerned. Below you will find details about each cast member, along with the name of the characters they have played in the series.

  • Ioan Gruffudd as Dr. Daniel Harrow
  • Ella Newton as Fern
  • Hunter page-Lochard as Callan Prowd
  • Darren Gilshenan as Lyle Fairley
  • Jolene Anderson as the Queensland Police Cries
  • Damien Garvey as Dr. Grace Molyneux

Harrow Season 4 Plot

Harrow Season 4 Plot

Typically, Harrow tells its story in episodic form, with arcs that interrupt the episodic plots every so often. Throughout Season 3, Dr Harrow tries to reconcile himself with his son James, who is supposedly dead.

Dr. Harrow, Fern, and Callan are all negotiating the release of James, who was abducted in the final round of season 3. As a result of James’s survival, his mother, Tanya, revealed that Doctor Harrow never actually regarded James as his son and that Tanya only wished to ensure that he was present in James’s life through his presence in hers.

As we approach the last episodes of the third season, the long season of Dr Harrow’s interaction with James has ended, and no other major plot strand has yet to be resolved.

A new source of drama will probably be introduced to the lives of Dr Harrow and the company in Season 4, bringing them a new level of drama. However, we can assume that some new plots will come in the new season of Harrow.

Moreover, it will come with new twists and turns that will make the series more interesting compared to other seasons.

Harrow Season 4 Trailer

Because ABC still needs to order the show’s fourth season, it’s impossible to predict when we’ll be seeing the trailer.

Until the creators decide to reveal more information, we will have to wait until they do so.

We cannot give a concrete date for when we will be able to view the trailer, but we can say that it will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can watch the trailer for the third season of Harrow until then. As we have mentioned, the link is below.

Where To Watch Harrow Season 4?

There will be a premiere for Season 4 on the ABC TV Channel. In the absence of season 4 of the series, the audience will be able to watch the previous seasons of the series that have already been released.

The series is available on Hulu and can be viewed here; along with that, the series is available on Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

Final Word

It is no secret that the series has already captured the attention of a large fan base, and now that we are at the end of the season, there has been a large amount of excitement and buzz among the fans.

In addition, we promised you earlier that we would provide you with all the details regarding the series, and we have delivered as we promised. However, we do hope that you will find this article helpful and that it will be useful to you.