Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

This new television series, based on the Marvel Comics character Clint Barton / Hawkeye, will be available on the streaming service Disney+ as part of the upcoming Hawkeye Season 2. Jonathan Igla will produce the series for Disney+ to air on the streaming service in the fall.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is intended to be the fifth television series to be produced by Marvel Studios. Besides serving as the head writer, Igla also serves as the director.


Disney released a Marvel Television series on November 24, 2021, and the finale of the series was broadcast on December 22, 2021, following the events of Avengers: Endgame. However, we have discussed all the details regarding the series, including the Hawkeye season 2 release date.

Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date

Hawkeye Season 2 Release Date

Even though the release date for the second season of the Hawkeye web series has not been announced yet, our sources indicate that the second season will premiere only on DisneyPlus in 2022. Stay tuned with The Beyond News for more information about Hawkeye Season 2 Web Series.


Not only this, but we can say that the Hawkeye series has created a lot of hype among the fans, and therefore fans are eagerly waiting for season 2.

Hawkeye Season 2 Cast

Hawkeye Season 2 Cast

Until Marvel Studios gives us the confirmation of a second season, we will have to wait. Only two cast members are likely to return as regular cast members, with the other two being Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld, which makes it possible for us to discuss what the cast might look like if this were to happen.


Additionally, it is expected that Linda Cardinelli will return as Laura Barton, with Ben Sakamoto, Ava Russo, and Cade Woodward likely reprising their respective roles as Cooper, Lila, and Nathaniel, respectively, the children of Laura and Josh Barton.

Hawkeye Season 2 Plot

Hawkeye Season 2 Plot

This season, Hawkeye deliberately left things open, suggesting that Clint Barton could continue to play Hawkeye, along with his new partner, Kate Bishop, also known as Lady Hawk, Hawk Eve, Hawk Shot, and Lady Arrow in Hawkeye’s first season.

Two remains to be seen whether that story will continue in Hawkeye season. However, we’re pretty sure that Kate’s involvement in the Avengers is something we can look forward to; Marvel has been hinting at the possibility of a Young Avengers team for quite some time now.

Nevertheless, that implies that Hailee Steinfeld will play an essential role in the film, alongside Wanda’s children, Ant-Man’s daughter, and a host of other new heroes who look to replace the golden oldies shortly.

Marvel has already confirmed that the consequences of Hawkeye’s first season will also be reflected in Echo’s new spinoff show, which will follow the ramifications of Hawkeye’s first season. 

During season one, Alaqua Cox’s character had been redeemed, setting her up to be a morally questionable vigilante, in the same vein as Marvel’s Netflix roster, when her new series premiered in 2019.

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Hawkeye Season 2 Trailer

The Hawkeye season 2 trailer has not yet been released, much like the release date for the show, as the exhibit has yet to be renewed for a second season.

The purpose of producing a substantial trailer would require a significant amount of filming for that second season, even if that were the case.

This means we should not expect to see any live-action footage until at least the end of 2022, if not sooner. The first trailer for the new season of the show will be released soon, so in the meantime, let’s take a look at the trailer of season 1.

Where To Watch Hawkeye Season 2?

As Hawkeye is a Disney Plus Hotstar, whenever you want to watch the show on Disney Plus, you can do so. Aside from this, once the second season of the series is released, it will also be available on Disney Plus at the same time.

Final Word

To round off a stellar year at Marvel Studios, the series ‘Hawkeye’ concluded with the series’ final episode, which ended Clint Barton’s tumultuous journey to New York City.

The holiday season began as a chance for the family to spend some time together, which included a bit of Christmas shopping and an evening at the theatre. Still, it soon turned into an all-out war against a gang known as the Tracksuit Mafia.

Jeremy Renner’s ace archer, Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, teams up with Jeremy Renner’s ace archer to resolve the ghosts of the past for good, but in so doing, they uncover a plot involving one of the world’s most feared criminal masterminds.