Hi Score Girl, Season 3 Release Date: Everything About The Recent Season

There is an anime series called Hi Score Girl, which is very popular in Japan. As we all know, anime series are becoming more popular every day, and if it is a romantic series, then fans will surely go in for that as well.

One of the most popular anime series out there is Hi Score Girl, which deals with romantic themes. As a result, fans eagerly await the release of the third season after the second season’s release.


To help you better understand the series, we have included all the details in this article. Not only this, but we have also mentioned some information about the Hi Score Girls season 3 release date.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Release Date

Fans of any movie or series are always eager to know when the series will be released. Anime fans are eager to see what will happen next after season two ends with a twist.


It was decided that the show would not be renewed for a third season since, by the time the first two seasons had ended, all of the volumes of the manga had been covered.

But looking at the popularity, the makers have changed their minds. Although the makers of the show have yet to announce the third season officially, it is expected that they will do so within the next few months.

As far as the upcoming season of Hi Score Girl is concerned, there is nothing to worry about as, considering the popularity of the series, we can say with certainty that the makers are sure to reveal anything regarding the upcoming season of the series as soon as it is available.


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Hi Score Girl Season 3  Cast

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Cast

As you can see from the following list, Hi Score Girl has a variety of characters to choose from. And we hope all the previous characters will return in the next season.

  • Haruo Yaguchi
  • Akira Oono
  • Koharu Hidaka
  • Namie Yaguchi
  • Genta Doi
  • Guile
  • Kotaro Miyao
  • Chihiro Onizuka
  • Makoto Ono
  • Moemi Goda

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Plot

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Plot

In the first episode, Haruo is humiliated by Akira at a local arcade when he destroys all of her Streetfighter II challenges at the arcade. Akira is there to help him to do his homework when he misses school because of a high fever.

Akira is later allowed to play with Haruo’s collection of games for the PC engine, which he has collected over the years. Having gained a lot of self-confidence and pride as a result of his achievements in the world of games, Haruo lost much of it when he was defeated by Akira quite easily in Street Fighter 2.

Along with their classmates, Haruo and Akira take a trip to a flower park, but they are more interested in the amusement park next door than the flower park.

As a result of Hidaka getting caught in a snowstorm while returning home, Haruo invites Hidaka to play street fighter II with him.

To play with Haruo, Hidaka decides to buy a copy of the final fight; at the same time, Haruo heads to Kyoto to take part in an overnight school trip. 

It was later in the afternoon that Hidaka inquired about Akira’s feelings towards Haruo while Haruo was in the local arcade searching for Akira. Now fans are very much excited to see when they will be able to the next season.

Hi Score Girl Season 3 Trailer

There has yet to be any information revealed by the makers about the trailer for season 3 of the show. However, due to the fact that there is no release date for the upcoming season of Hi Score Girl, it’s too early to expect a trailer for the upcoming season.

Nevertheless, don’t worry because we have included a link to the trailer for the series’s second season in this article. To view the trailer video, you need to tap on the link we have provided below, and you will be directed to the video.

Where To Watch Hi Score Girl Season 3

Here is a way for you to watch Hi Score Girl anime online if you’re also an anime fan and you’re wondering where you can watch it online. Netflix has the English dub of the anime available for you to watch.

Final Word

There is no doubt that the show is very popular and well-liked by today’s youth. Gamer Haruo Yaguchi is the protagonist in the story, and the plot revolves around the life of Haruo Yaguchi.

Despite that, we have made sure that every detail regarding the series has been covered. As a result, we hope that you will find this article very useful in every way possible.