How Long Will It Take For Walker: Independence Season 2 To Be Released?

As a sequel to the infamous television series Walker, Walker: Independence is an action-period drama set in the early 1920s. After a successful season 1, fans are eagerly waiting for the release date of season 2.

Thus season 1 of Walker: Independence has achieved immense popularity in a very short period of time. And fans eagerly anticipate season 2, and we cannot deny the fact that there has been a lot of buzz regarding season 2 of Waker: Independence.


However, in this article, we have mentioned all the details about the series, including Walker: Independence season 2 release date.

Walker: Independence Season 2 Release Date

Walker: Independence Season 2 Release Date

There is no doubt that the release date is one of the most important factors that every fan wants to know whenever they hear that their favorite series or movie is getting renewed.


Unfortunately, there is still no release date for Walker: Independence season 2. There is no doubt that the craze for the show is at its peak, and the fans are very much looking forward to the second season.

In light of the success of the first season of Walker: Independence, there is a high possibility that the makers will renew the show because of the show’s success.

It is only at this point that we can sit back and wait for whatever the makers will reveal shortly about Walker: Independence


Walker: Independence Season 2 Cast

Walker: Independence Season 2 Cast

It can be said that the cast for season 2 will be the same as the cast for season 1 when it comes to the stars. Therefore, now that we have listed the full cast for the series, we can expect them to appear in the show’s second season shortly.

  • Katherine McNamara as Abby Walker
  • Matt Barr as Hoyt Rawlins
  • Justin Johnson Cortez as Calian
  • Greg Hovanessian as Sheriff Tom Davidson
  • Philemon Chambers as Deputy Sheriff Augustus
  • Katie Findlay as Kate Carver
  • Gabriela Quezada as Lucia Reyes
  • Lawrence Kao as Kai
  • Mark Sheppard as Hagan

Walker: Independence Season 2 Plot

Walker: Independence Season 2 Plot

A well-off widowed Bostonian in her mid-20s, Abby Walker, is the main character of this historical novel that has its antecedents in the last 1800s.

During their trek at West, she had to witness the murder of her husband, who an unknown individual had killed. As soon as the incident occurred, she was consumed with the need for revenge.

While searching for revenge, she comes across a charming rogue wandering the streets of Independence, Texas, trying to find a purpose for his life. 

As a result, they end up together and begin a new life together. There, they find an eclectic group of people who serve as a cover for their evil natures and run away from the dark past they have left behind.

When Abby and Hoyt are in such a town, they are trying to follow their dreams and do everything, as well as transcendence into agents who bring about significant societal changes.

It should be noted that Independence is the town that holds the sheriff in its town, who is the person who is responsible for Abby’s husband’s murder.

Thus the second season will continue from where the first season left. And it has left many plot holes for season 2, which implies that season 2 will be interesting.

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Walker: Independence Season 2 Trailer

As we mentioned, the makers have yet to reveal when the series’ second season will be released. Therefore, there is still time to expect a trailer for the show’s second season. 

Nevertheless, you don’t need to worry since we have provided you with the trailer link for season 1 of Walker: Independence below. If you have not yet watched the trailer, then we recommend you do so now by clicking on the link below if you have not done so already.

Where To Watch Walker: Independence Season 2?

It is expected that Walker: Independence, which will air on The CW in the US, will be available to most people who subscribe to a traditional pay-TV service.

This fact can be accessed through streaming platforms such as FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV. And whenever season 2 is available, it will also appear on the same streaming platform.

Final Word

In an extremely short period of time, Walker: Independence has become one of the most popular series on television and has achieved a great deal of success for the show.

So it goes without saying that we have covered all the required information about Walker: Independence’s second season in this article.