Is Beecham House Season 2 cancelled? When will it be released?

Do you like watching historic web series? If your answer is yes, You might have heard of the Beecham House Season 2.

Beecham House is one of the rare web series that depicts the history of India with such perfection. The show featured many talented actors and crew and was hugely successful due to its interesting storyline.


Season one of the show was very much loved by the audience, and the interesting storyline of the show made people demand the second season of the Beecham House. Please read this post completely as we help you know the release date of Beecham House Season 2.

When will Beecham House Season 2 be released?

When will Beecham House Season 2 be released?

The second season of Beecham House can be easily called one of the most requested series. The show’s first season was announced in 2018 and released later in 2019. The Beecham House, with its unique storyline, grabbed a lot of attention and received a lot of appreciation from the audience. The amazing work of the Beecham House team made the audience demand the second season of the Beecham House.


Sadly in an interview by Gurinder Chadha, it is confirmed that we are not having Beecham House Season 2. In an interview, Gurinder, one of the makers of the Beecham house, confirmed that there would be no second season of the show. However, she has not ruled out the possibility of the comeback of the Beecham House. She cited many reasons for the withdrawal of the show, one of the main reasons being the makers don’t want to over-extend the Beecham House.

Beecham House Season 2 Cast

Beecham House Season 2 Cast


Beecham house, made by Paul Mayeda Berges, Shahrukh Husain, and Gurinder Chadha, has a lot of interesting characters. The interesting characters and storyline were the main reasons for the success of the Beecham House season 1. However, we are still unclear about the star cast of season 2 of Beecham House; lets’ recall the cast of Beecham House:

  • Marc Warren as Samuel Parker
  • Tom Bateman as John Beecham
  • Gregory Fitoussi as General Castillio
  • Lara Dutta as Begum Samru
  • Leo Suter as Daniel Beecham
  • Lesley Nicole as Henrietta Beecham
  • Bessie Carter as Violet Woodhouse
  • Pallavi Sharda as Chandrika
  • Dakota Blue Richards as Margaret Osborne
  • Shriya Pilgaonkar as Chanchal.

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Beecham House Season 2 Plot

Beecham House Season 2 Plot

The first season of the Beecham House was no less than a roller coaster ride. The series showed the story of India in the 19th century focusing on the life of the Beecham Family, who had recently changed their home and gone to a new place to live. John, the head of this show, tries to make his home nothing less than a heaven for his family. Everything was ok with John and his family until John’s marriage got complicated with Henrietta’s marriage due to John’s previous marriage. The show kept moving with their struggles of John, and the season ended on a cliffhanger.

Ending the story on a cliffhanger increased the demand for Beecham House Season 2. We are still with no updates regarding the plot of the second season of Beecham House. 

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Trailer of Beecham House Season 2

For the success of any web series or show, a trailer plays a very crucial role. Similar was the case with the first season of Beecham House. The trailer shows many of the ups and downs of the life of John Beecham, and the trailer successfully maintained excitement among the audience. Any updates are still awaited if we discuss the Beecham Season 2 trailer.

Where can we watch Beecham House season 2?

As the Beecham Season 1 was released, it is streaming on the PBS Masterpiece Channel, Netflix and ITV Hub. It is expected that ITV might again sell the rights of season 2 of Beecham House to the giants such as Amazon and Netflix. Beecham season 1 is still streaming on the platforms mentioned above.

Reviews and IMDB ratings of Beecham House

Beecham House, since the time of its release, has been one of the most discussed series, and it has got many jaw-dropping moments. Many called it one of the best web series that depicted Indian culture with perfection. Love of the audience towards the show can be witnessed by looking at its IMDB rating; the show has managed to register an IMDB rating of 6.7 out of 10.

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Final Words

This blog was to update the fans of Beecham House regarding the release date of Beecham House 2. The blog discusses the release date, possible cast, streaming platform, and trailer of the second season of Beecham House.

We hope this article was good enough to clear your queries on Beecham House Season 2.

Ask your doubts and mention your suggestions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Beecham House 2 be released?

Until now, we haven’t confirmed updates regarding the release date of the second season of Beecham House.

Is Beecham House 2 Canceled?

Unfortunately, as per Gurinder Chadha, one of the show’s makers, the makers are planning to cancel the show. 

Is Beecham House based on a true story?

No, it is not a true story. It is just the creativity of the writers and directors of Beecham that is making it look so real and interesting.

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