Is Duke Hudson Dating Someone? Check Out The Current Relationship Status

Duke Hudson, a WWE star who is popular across the world, has always been his kind of superstar all over the world. He has been showered with a tremendous amount of appreciation and love by his fans all around the world.

Due to a partnership with WWE, he will be featured on the NXT platform and is known for his appealing appearance as well as diverse ring mannerisms.


During his brief stint with Melbourne City Wrestling, Duke Hudson was part of the renowned tag team, ‘The Mighty Don’t Kneel’, which won numerous matches and achieved a lot during their brief stay in the company.

Even though he has recently been surrounded by rumors about the state of his relationship, the idea is that he does not need a girlfriend, but more likely, he might require a boyfriend instead.

Well, it’s true, and recently, there have been many claims directed toward the popular WWE star claiming he is gay as well as an activist of the LGBTQ community.


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Does Duke Hudson have a girlfriend at the moment?

Duke Hudson Dating

WWE champion Duke Hudson has been rumored to be dating Jake Atlas, according to the latest reports. It has become an important topic of discussion on the internet, prompting a large number of users to find out about it.


Although it was not certain whether his information was accurate, it is not quite obvious how accurate it is. As one source has been indicating, there has been a rise in social media rumors that Duke supporters are spreading on their social media platforms, causing a lot of people to become excited about the situation.

An anonymous source informed journalists that Duke’s supporters are spreading rumors about the man on social media, which has caused many to become somewhat interested in the subject.

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Jake Atlas has been arrested for DV against him

Duke Hudson Dating

According to reports, there are rumors out there that Jake Atlas and Duke Hudson are romantically involved during the arrest drama. Social gatherings that occurred around the time that the rumor spread must have confirmed the rumor.

It must be noted that Jake was arrested for minor assault on his associate after he committed the DV against him and was charged accordingly.

A scratch was left on the victim’s arm, resulting in him returning to the ground due to both pain and fatigue. In accordance with the internet predictions, it is predicted that Duke will most likely be the victim of a home invasion.

It will come as no surprise to you that Duke Hudson, 32, comes from Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia. As a young boy, he discovered his love for wrestling in his hometown, where he developed his passion for it. 

Not only this but, he also worked as a private coach with Goodlife Health Clubs in Melbourne despite his fame as a tennis or golf instructor.

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Duke Hudson’s Career As A Professional Wrestler

Duke Hudson Dating

Duke Duke made his professional wrestling debut in May 2008, at the age of 18 as Elliot Sexton, which he used as his wrestling ring name. The extensive experience that Sexton acquired in Australia mostly came through wrestling promotions like WRESTLE RAMPAGE (WR) and Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW).

It is worth mentioning that Sexton was a heavyweight champion of both MCW and WrestleRock while he held titles in both organizations.

His international debut in 2018 took place through two different organizations based in Japan – New Japan Pro-Wrestling and PROGRESS Wrestling – and through both of those organizations, he made his debut around the world.

Several days before WWE’s Performance Center opened its doors on February 11, 2019, Duke announced that he had signed a deal with the WWE and would commence training soon.

The 29-year-old champion defeated Nick Comoroto during an NXT house show on March 15, 2019, under his true name, and he subsequently earned his NXT debut.

He did wrestle off and on throughout the last few months of March, and during the first two months of April, in various house shows. Duke made his WWE television debut in an episode of NXT airing on March 25, 2020. Jake was teamed up with Shane Throne and they both played against Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch and won the match.

Final Word

Many myths and stereotypes persist regarding the LGBTQ community, which are highly misleading. Despite this, they are extremely dumb just by the same token.

According to the reports that have circulated these past few days, Duke has not confirmed any reports about their relationship. Most of the information that has been relayed to us is a result of social media reports.

On Duke’s official social media accounts like Instagram, he has been quite active in promoting WWE. There is no shortage of comments and wishes on his social media platforms each time he posts a picture or a video, and each time his fans and admirers show their love for him.