Jessica Alves Before And After Transformation Timeline

Jessica (Rodrigo) Alves is a British actor who is of Brazilian descent. After more than 100 procedures, she was officially transitioning from a gender male to a gender female in 2020.

Rodrigo Alves was born on the 30th of July 1983. Initially, he was mistakenly referred to as an American Ken when he became famous worldwide; instead, he is Brazilian with British ancestry.


It is said that Jessica (Rodrigo) was born to an English father and a Brazilian mother in Sao Paulo, Brazil. At the age of 19, he moved to London with his family.

When Rodrigo was a teenager, his wide nose was the source of a great deal of bullying, which eventually resulted in him going through the process of transformation.

As a young man, at the age of 21, who made the first decision to have his face altered, he had no idea how much of an impact the procedure would have on his life in the future.


Jessica Alves Transformation

Jessica Alves Before And After

It is no surprise that the number of people undergoing surgical and cosmetic procedures has steadily increased over the years. Alves’ obsession with Barbie dolls and Disney characters is primarily responsible for this whole situation.

There have been 50 full-scale operations that Ken, aka Rodrigo, has undergone out of the 70 surgeries he has undergone by the end of 2018.


All parts of his face were implanted with implants, including his nose, cheekbones, eyes, chin, cheeks, and forehead. As a result of his pursuit of an ideal image of a “living ken,” the young man also suffered from blood poisoning and necrosis, but a miraculous recovery eventually allowed him to reclaim his body.

This Brazilian surgeon was also focused on his hair; he altered the growth line and increased the volume of each strand of hair as well.

However, the star’s Instagram revealed that the hero, Jessica, who is a woman, will appear as a new character in 2020. Rodrigo Alves had a mammoplasty, additional face surgeries, and hair extensions were done to achieve the look of a Barbie, but the last step in the process was a mammoplasty.

Taking to social media for the first time, the newly minted girl displays her new bikini body in her first Instagram post. Several days prior to his waist measurements, he had already removed his ribs to achieve the measurements he wanted.

Jessica Alves is a very seductive woman based on her own words, as well as the countless bikini photos she’s been posting even after she changed sex.

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After Transformation

Jessica Alves Before And After

She has always been a subject of attention when it comes to her personal life as Jessica, a transgender woman. Despite these facts, public perception tends to place a large amount of trust in the hero’s willingness to be open about his or her sexual preferences.

On the other hand, Rodrguez was known for his high level of secrecy regarding his intimate relationships. The pictures she posted on Instagram show him posing with both men and women, and they are all plastic-loving people.

Jessica Alves announced her intention to become pregnant a few months after the sex change and gender definition were finalized.

As it is clear, “Live Barbie” believes very deeply that becoming a mother is not only her vocation but the single most important endeavor of her life.

Final Word

Regardless of the noble intent of becoming a mother, many netizens and members of various minority groups have expressed outrage at how this statement was worded.

As Alves still takes part in reality shows, stars in commercials, participates in documentaries, and participates in photo shoots, it is expected that his popularity in the West won’t wane by the fall of 2020.

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