Karm Yudh Season 2 Release Date Stands Uncertain Till Now

Crime and thrilling drama are becoming increasingly popular in today’s society, and there is no sign of this slowing down. Nevertheless, if you are also a fan of crime series, we highly recommend you take a look at this amazing series Karm Yudh as you will not be disappointed.

It is no secret that Karam Yudh is one of the most popular Indian web series in recent years, and it has attracted a large fan following in a very short period.


An exciting crime thriller family drama show, it is available in multiple languages and with English subtitles. The series fans are expecting a second season of the series to be released after the first season was released not too long ago.

We have decided to give you a brief idea about new updates regarding this series. Not only this, but we have also talked regarding the Karm Yudh season 2 release date.

Karm Yudh Season 2 Release Date

Karm Yudh Season 2 Release Date


If we are talking about the release date for season 2 of the television series Karm Yudh, then it is unfortunate that there has yet to be an official release date for season 2.

However, as we have already mentioned, the series’ first season has just been released. The show’s second season has yet to be released, so it is probably too soon to expect a date for its release.

Based on the popularity of the series Karm Yudh, the makers will soon reveal some information regarding the new season. The only thing we can do until that time is to wait patiently and watch what happens.


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Karm Yudh Season 2 Cast

Karm Yudh Season 2 Cast

However, coming towards the cast, all the star cast of season 1 will appear in season 2. Therefore we have listed the names in the below list.

  • Paoli Dam
  • Ashutosh Rana
  • Satish Kaushik 
  • Sachin Parikh
  • Anjana Sukhani
  • Pranay Pachauri
  • Ankit Bisht
  • Tara Alisha Berry
  • Madhurima Roy
  • Soundharya Sharma
  • Sabyasachi Chakraborty
  • Satyajit Sharma
  • Faizal Rashid
  • Satyadeep Mishra
  • Ashit Chatterjee
  • Rajesh Khattar
  • Nitin Merani

Karm Yudh Season 2 Plot

Karm Yudh Season 2 Plot

This is the story of a Bengali family called the Roy family, who are the main characters in Karm Yudh. As is typical of family dynasty dramas, the plot of the show revolves around the replacement of the head of one of the Roy family’s companies due to the result of a fire that broke out in one of the family’s factories.

There has always been tension between the Roy family and the concept of authority. As a result, there was a war to determine who would receive ownership of the said organization.

There was a similar old-school feel to the story that followed. An accident results in the division or the change in ownership of the property within a family of rich people.

As a family, the whole unit constantly fights each other based on greed or personal needs arising from the individual members. We hope the second season will carry out from where the first season left off.

We can expect that season 2 will come with many twists and turns that will make it more interesting compared to season 1 of the series.

Karm Yudh Season 2 Trailer

Nevertheless, there needs to be more time for a trailer for Karm Yudh season 2 to be released. Season 2 still needs to catch up to its release date, as we stated above.

We can only do something about the series if we wait for a release date to be announced by the producers. In the meantime, we can look at the trailer for the series’ first season. The trailer link has been provided below for your convenience.

Where To Watch Karm Yudh Season 2?

In case you are wondering where you will be able to watch this fantastic series, you do not have to worry because it is available on Disney Plus Hotstar. And whenever season 2 of the series is released, it will also be available on the same streaming platform as season 1.

Final Word

In the series, a major portion is set in Kolkata, West Bengal. The series has, however, managed to capture the attention of a large number of fans in a very short period of time. 

This article aims to provide all the possible information about the series in an easy-to-understand manner, and we hope that it has been helpful to you.