Kill Bill Vol 3 Release Date, Trailer, Plot, Cast, Where Watch And More

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 are both treasures to the martial arts film genre, paying homage to “grindhouse” theater with stunning action scenes and hypnotic quality.

Kill Bill is one of the greatest action flicks of all time.  Tarantino reintroduced us to the world’s deadliest lady, the “Bride,” as she pursues vengeance on the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad in this film.


The two volumes follow the Bride, portrayed by Uma Thurman, who is wounded in the head on her marriage day and is pregnant with the child of her previous lover, Bill, who is also the assassin squad’s commander.

Bill and his team massacre everyone at the wedding, including the Bride, who somehow survives. Four years later, she set out to assassinate Bill and everyone else involved in the events of that terrible day.

We haven’t seen Thurman’s Bride in over fifteen years. Naturally, there have been rumors about a third installment to the ‘Kill Bill‘ movie, transforming it into a trilogy. We’re curious about what occurred to the Bride and where she is nowadays.


Fortunately for us, Tarantino recently made similar statements. This indicates there is a chance we will see the Bride again. However, it is reasonable to believe that this prospect is still some years away. Here is all we know about ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ if it happens.

Kill Bill Vol 3 Release Date

For now, only Kill Bill Vol. 3 has been discussed, and the picture is not yet in progress. It means that we would still have to wait several years for the third installment of Kill Bill.

It makes sense considering Tarantino’s recent work on a play and a five-episode television series. He is presently working on a novel and has no plans to return to filmmaking.


Fortunately for us, Tarantino has said how long we will have to wait for another ‘Kill Bill’ picture. In an interview with Cohen in 2020, he indicated, “It would be at least three years from now or something along those lines.” Keeping this in mind, we may probably anticipate Kill Bill Vol 3 to arrive around 2023 or later.

Kill Bill Vol 3 Release Date

Kill Bill Vol 3 Cast

If Kill Bill: Vol. 3 is renewed, Quentin Tarantino is the appropriate actor to play The Bride’s daughter. Consider the Bride and her daughter B.B. living in peace for two decades, only to have their home destroyed and the Bride and B.B. depart.

It would be amazing to cast Uma Thurman and her daughter, Maya Hawke, in a film.

Maya Hawke, the Stranger Things actress and real-life child of Uma Thurman, has shown interest in appearing in director Quentin Tarantino’s lengthy sequel, Kill Bill: Vol. 3.

Fans of Tarantino’s horrific retribution thriller have adored the idea of Maya Hawke playing the character. While the actress admits the silliness of such predictions, she does admit that she would enjoy the chance.

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Kill Bill Vol 3 Plot

The first two volumes of ‘Kill Bill’ depict the Bride, or Beatrix Kiddo, as she awakens from a four-year coma after her wedding guests’ Deadly Vipers’ massacre.

She immediately embarks on a journey to exact revenge on Bill, their commander, former boyfriend, and every other Deadly Viper implicated in the carnage.

The second volume concludes with the Bride getting her vengeance by murdering everyone, especially O-Ren Ishii, Vernita Green, and Elle Driver.

At the conclusion, she finds that her daughter, B.B., is still alive and has reached the age of four. The Bride eventually confronts Bill, and the second book concludes with her murder of him and her departure to begin a new life.

Now, with Bill already dead, the scenario for ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ will be altered slightly. In an interview with Andy Cohen, Tarantino claimed that he does have something in mind for the upcoming sequel but would not share anything at the time.

“Now, I have a concept that I believe may be intriguing,” the filmmaker explained. So what may happen in the third volume? What has become of the Bride? What became of B.B.?

Release Date of Kill Bill Vol 3

Our best guess is that ‘Kill Bill Vol. 3’ will focus on the Bride and her daughter, B.B. Perhaps B.B., like her mother, grows up studying martial arts, if not directly from her.

It might be intriguing and connect to what we believe would be the theme of the possible sequel. Previously in ‘Kill Bill Vol. 1,’ the Bride assassinates Vernita Green, a former Deadly Viper who has mistreated her.

However, she does so in front of her little daughter, Nikki. She accepts Nikki’s desire to revenge her mother’s death and warns the little girl, “When you grow up, if you’re still sensitive about it, I’ll be waiting.”

The moment brilliantly sets up what we may be anticipating in the third volume of ‘Kill Bill,’ which may eventually revolve around Nikki’s vengeance. However, I am certain there will be other installments since this might be another Tarantino masterpiece.

Kill Bill Vol 3 Trailer

No trailer has been released for Kill Bill Vol 3 yet. We will inform you when we get some info!

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