Killing Stalking Anime Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer & More

There is no doubt that Killing Stalking is one of the market’s most popular South Korean anime television series. This series received tremendous popularity in just a few episodes, and now it has received its new season, Season 1.

As far as the Killing Stalking Anime is concerned, there is a lot of excitement about this Anime, and fans are eager to know when is the release date of this Anime. However, we have discussed all the details regarding the Anime, including the Killing Stalking Anime release date.


Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

Killing Stalking Anime Release Date

Well, if we are talking about the release date of this Anime. As of yet, Killing Stalking has not been given a specific release date, and there is no news on the release date.

However, fans have to wait a little longer before they can see any new updates related to Anime, but we cannot do anything about that. There is no doubt that this Anime has been well received by fans and followers and has generated a lot of hype among them.


Killing Stalking Anime Cast

Killing Stalking Anime Cast

There are, however, a few characters from the main cast of the Anime that we have mentioned. As you can see from the list below, the information provided will provide you with a brief description of the character of the Anime.

  • Yoon Bum
  • Oh Sangwoo
  • Yang Seungbae
  • Officer Park
  • Junjae
  • Eunseo

Killing Stalking Anime Plot

Killing Stalking Anime Plot


Taking place in a modern world, Yoon Bum, a person suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder, meets Oh Sangwoo and falls in love with him. 

Bum and Sangwoo both attend colleges, and Bum is infatuated with Sangwoo, and the two are in love. It is no secret that Sangwoo and Bum both lived lives filled with mishaps.

As a child, Bum lost both of his parents, was raised by his uncle, and was raped by his uncle and soldiers when he was in the army and by Sangwoo throughout his life.

Sangwoo has done so many ‘not-so-good’ things in his life, and you can hardly describe how terrible he is. There can be no doubt that Sangwoo is a serial killer, an abuser, a murderer, a rapist, a manipulator, and a threat to society in general.

Often it is hard to find a manhwa that is as good as Killing Stalking. In addition, if you were to stumble across the manga sometime in the future, you would wonder, why is there no anime adaptation of this manga?

There is a possibility that some studios may be willing to take on the task of adapting this manga. Even though there are some fan-made animations of Killing Stalking, any official announcement from the studio has not yet been made.

As a result, we should not expect a new anime adaptation of Killing Stalking in 2022, at least not in our lifetimes. As long as a studio picks it up, we can probably expect an announcement for the same if they see the potential in it and take it on.

As a part of a collaborative effort, ChaosOPUS, a horror-centric Indie studio (mOss studio), has agreed to create the project Killing Stalking, a 3D animated project.

Killing Stalking has been taken over by the author, who will even help with the project. If we look closely at work, it is clear that it is well done.

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Killing Stalking Anime Trailer

Killing Stalking Anime is one of the most anticipated series, and fans are eagerly waiting for the series. Thus we have mentioned the trailer link of the series. You can watch it just by clicking on the link below.

Where To Watch Killing Stalking Anime?

There is an online streaming service for the tv series Killing Stalking that you can watch on As a result, it is possible to download all the episodes from there, which have all the attacks of the series.

Final Word 

Killing Stalking may not be that great for some enthusiasts, as they do not think it is that great. There is a possibility that it may cause some psychological distress to some people.

As a result of the fandom surrounding Killing Stalking (KS), some members are deeply invested in the plot and the characters of the show, while others are angry at Bum for how he treated Sangwoo in the front.

Some individuals deemed it appalling that fans root for Bum and Sangwoo, manipulative offenders and vulnerable victims subjected to abuse.

Some of the supporters of Seungbae have been giving him a bad name, even though he was the one who came to Bum’s rescue. Because Bum abandoned Sangwoo, they are pretty upset with him because he leaves her. Bum and Sangwoo have supporters who support their views as well as supporters who fund these views.