Linda Burney Illness, Health Related Problems: What’s Wrong With Her?

Linda Jean Burney is an Australian politician who has represented Barton since the 2016 federal election as a member of the Australian Labor Party in the Australian House of Representatives. 

She is the Shadow Minister for Families, Social Services, and Family Violence Prevention. From 2003 until 2016, Burney was a Labor member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly representing Canterbury. She was the Deputy Leader of the Opposition in New South Wales, the Shadow Minister for Education, and the Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. 


She served as Minister for the State Plan and Minister for Community Services in the Keneally administration. Burney served as National President of the Labor Party in 2008 and 2009.

In 2003, Burney was the first Aboriginal person to perform in the New South Wales Parliament. In 2016, she became the first Aboriginal woman to be elected to the Australian House of Representatives. 

Since the establishment of a federal Labor administration on May 21, 2022, following the 2022 Australian federal election, Burney is slated to become the Minister for Indigenous Australians. Here are all updates about Linda Burney’s illness and health-related problems.


Linda Burney Illness Update

According to several websites, Linda Burney is reportedly in good health and is not ill.

In the election, she won the Barton seat for the ALP, becoming the first Indigenous woman and the second Indigenous person selected to the House of Representatives following Ken Wyatt in 2010. On March 1 1, 2016, Linda announced her intention to seek preselection for the federal seat of Barton in the 2016 federal election.


What Happened To Linda Burney?

Burney has not been diagnosed with a significant sickness, but she is believed to have a minor health concern.

Burney has contributed to the death of a Confederate and her son using a violent marriage ceremony. Despite being a neutral and intellectual girl, her relationship was complicated.

Linda Burney reveals her childhood agony in her very first address to Parliament.

Domestic abuse had been an issue for the politician until she chose to leave her spouse and go on a solo career. Rick Farley, her comrade, passed away due to a brain aneurysm and an accident.

Then, Linda needed to address her daughter’s appraisal of the rare neurological condition that had almost killed her. On October 24, 2017, she lost her son Binnie in a terrible accident after all of her problems.

Linda Burney

Linda Burney Early Life

On April 25, 1957, Burney was born in Whitton, a tiny town in southwestern New South Wales close to Leeton, where he also grew up. She is of Scottish and Wiradjuri heritage. 

She stated in her inaugural address to the NSW Parliament: I did not grow up with my Native American family. In 1984, I met my father, Nonny Ingram. His initial greeting to me was, “I hope I don’t disappoint you.” 

I’ve met 10 brothers and sisters at this point. We were raised forty minutes apart. That was the overwhelming strength of racism and denial in the 1950s.

I currently have two sets of siblings. Nina and Billy Laing, my old aunt and uncle, reared me. They were sibling siblings. These elderly individuals offered me the ideals I stand for today: integrity, loyalty, and love.

Linda Burney Profile Summary
Name Linda Burney
Birth Date April 25, 1957
Birth Place Whitton, New South Wales
Age 65 years old
Net worth $ 1 Million US Dollars in 2022
Profession Politician, Teacher
University/ School/ College
  • New South Wales, elementary school,
  • Leeton High School,
  • Penrith High School
  • Mitchell College of Advanced Education
Education Graduated
Marital Status Married
Instagram @lindaburneymp
Partner Rick Farley
  • Binni Dironbirong
  • Willerui Ngurumbi Karramarra

Linda Burney Education

Burney enrolled in the Whitton, New South Wales, elementary school. She attended Leeton High School for the first four years of secondary school and Penrith High School for the remaining two. She was the first Native American to get a Teaching Diploma from the Mitchell College of Advanced Education.

Linda Burney Career

In 1979, she began her teaching career at Lethbridge Park public school in western Sydney. 

Since the mid-1980s, she has been a member of the New South Wales Aboriginal Education Consultative Group, helping create and implement Australia’s first Aboriginal education policy.

Burney is affiliated with Labor Left. She was elected National Vice-President of the Australian Labor Party in 2006 and served as National President in 2008 and 2009.

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Linda Burney Husband And Children

Linda Burney is indeed a single mother. In addition to being a political activist and journalist, Rick Farley was an ardent advocate for Indigenous Australian culture and rights, and he was married to his wife for many years. In Sydney, he passed away on May 13, 2006.

Linda Burney Husband

Linda Burney has two children with her late husband: a boy and a girl. Binni Dironbirong was her son’s name. Willerui Ngurumbi Karramarra is her daughter’s name. On October 24, 2017, Binni died away.

Nonny Ingram is the mother of Linda Burney. When she was born, her mother abandoned her. Uncertain as to who her mother is. She eventually met her father in 1984. Nina and Billy Laing raised her at their aunt and uncle’s residence.

Linda Burney Net Worth

Her net worth is around $1 million, and her main source of income is her political career.

Linda Burney Instagram

She is active on Instagram, and her user name is @lindaburneymp; she has 14.4k followers on Instagram.