Pastor Sparks Controversy With Rhetoric Regarding Dems, Christianity

In most accounts, Greg Locke was a divisive Christian pastor who caused division among his flock. The Washington Post recently carried an article about him, his Tennessee church, and the millions of people who follow him online.

According to Locke’s detractors, he is “promoting a deadly message of hate” that has taken root in the churches of conservatives, as the Washington Post put it.


Similarly, he and his followers, alongside members of the Nashville community, were reportedly polarized by Locke’s ministry after burning copies of the Harry Potter and Twilight books, as well as Disney items, in a massive bonfire outside of Nashville.

As Locke attended a pro-Trump rally just 24 hours before the insurgency on January 6, he was also on the steps of the Capitol, a day after he addressed “one of the strongest and most violent prayers of the day” at a rally to support the President.

After The Post

Pastor Sparks Controversy


According to a report by The Washington Post, Locke’s critics claim that he is “spreading a dangerous message of hate that is taking root in some conservative churches.” In addition to dividing his community within Nashville, Locke has also split his followers outside the city, particularly after he held a book-burning event where he and his followers threw copies of the “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” series and Disney merchandise into a great bonfire.

During the January 6 insurrection, Locke was also on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, a day after he had spoken at a rally held in support of Donald Trump, at which he reportedly delivered “one of the most violent and clear prayers of the day.”

Moreover, according to The Washington Post, from his pulpit, the pastor has also blessed the members of the right-wing Proud Boys group and has told them to provide “security.”


Newsweek, taken aback by Locke’s memorable sermon delivered earlier this week, decided to point out that he might make himself even more controversial since that speech was delivered in such an unusual and dramatic setting.

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What Did Pastor Spark Said?

Pastor Sparks Controversy

There is a possibility that you may leave the church if I don’t want you in my church if you vote for the Democrats. The devil can get out, Greg Locke said with a sigh.

As a Christian, it is impossible to vote Democrat as well as a Democrat in this country. The fact that you are enraged makes no difference.

There is no rule that says you have to be calm when you are angry. There is no way you can be a Christian and vote Democratic in this country because Democrats and Christians cannot coexist.

The pastor said throughout his diatribe, “I ain’t playin’ any of yer foolish games.”. Are there any people interested in talking about the uprising?

Despite the fact that you haven’t seen the revolution yet, what I will tell you is this. It might be possible to learn what an insurgency is if you keep pushing our buttons, low-down, miserable compromisers, you God-hating communists if you keep maintaining your resistance.”

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There’s obviously a lot to consider when examining a message such as this, with concerns about theology, Christian nationalism, and the possibility of religio political violence.

Legal concerns, however, must be considered as well. As our regular readers may recall, tax-exempt institutions of worship are not permitted to interfere with party politics.

In addition to their moral and spiritual functions, churches and other places of worship are permitted to take part in ballot referenda on various issues concerning government. However, they are not permitted to aid or injure candidates or political parties.

Final Word

In light of all this, it is reasonable to ask whether Locke went too far in preaching a partisan sermon. Does it matter whether the pastor of a tax-free church is teaching his congregation that Democratic voters are demons who are not let into his church?

It is true that Donald Trump was so eager to appease social conservatives that he boasted that he would repeal the law, even though this never happened.