Is Joel Osteen Divorced? Here’s The Truth About Rumors In The Wild

As a charismatic Christian evangelist, Joel Osteen has gained a lot of popularity from both the crowds who follow him and those who oppose him.

Although he has taken time in his career to debunk rumors about his personal life, including divorce issues and supposed vast fortunes, he had had to spend a lot of his career tarnishing his reputation after the ghosts of those disgraced televangelists before he did.


According to the public, the popular minister’s married life has been described in such a contradictory way that it may be impossible to determine the truth about it.

What brought Joel and Victoria Osteen together

During a visit to her mother’s jewelry shop in 1987, Joel Osteen met Victoria when he had to repair a watch battery. After meeting for the first time in the store where she worked, they continued to work together for a couple of years before getting married and have been happily married ever since!

In April of 1987, Victoria and Joel became husband and wife for the first time. Jonathan and Alex were born to them in September and November, respectively.


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Are Joel Osteen and his wife Divorced?

Are Joel Osteen and his wife Divorced?

Well, the answer to the question is no, Joel Osteen and Victoria Osteen are not divorced. Joel has been married to Victoria for over 30 years, despite rumors claiming that the couple divorced a long time ago.


After investigating the claim regarding their separation, we came to find out that it was simply unsubstantiated gossip. On CNN, Piers Morgan asked him about his wife’s expectation of maintaining an attractive appearance, and he told him: “Wives don’t look good for anyone else when they’re dating.

What Do You Think Of Rumors That He Has Divorced?

We don’t know for sure if he is divorced or not, but we can go by what has been reported as being true from reliable sources. In a statement posted on in 2007, the following statement reported that there had been a lot of rumors circulating regarding the health of Victoria and Joel’s marriage.

According to our research, the news was fake, and the couple is still together. There is nothing more rewarding than being together as husband and wife. During their time together, God has dealt with Victoria and Joel about some personal growth issues in their lives.

However, Joel Osteen has cleared his thought regarding this rumor by posting a tweet in a Twitter.

What is the secret to Joel Osteen’s success?

Since Joel took over the office after his father passed away from a heart attack, he has been responsible for it ever since. When one of the largest churches in the country became that big during the time when Joel was serving as a pastor there, he served as its pastor.

After a few years, the church had grown to include celebrities and well-known figures and was attracting about 50,000 people weekly. The entertainment channel has gained approximately 10 million views simultaneously through its television service in the U.S.

Despite the fact that Joel holds no academic degrees in religion or theology, he believes that he is a follower of the prosperity gospel.

According to this concept, the goal of all Christians who are “good” is to have financial gains and to enjoy financial pleasures. As a result, Joel has been asked “hundreds” of times by his father over the course of his lifetime to act as his father’s primary caregiver, and he only agreed to step in once his dad was on dialysis.

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