Who Is Dove Cameron Dating? Relationship Timeline 2022

A singer and actress from the United States, Dove Olivia Cameron is best known as Dove. Liv and Maddie is a Disney Channel comedy series in which the actress played the eponymous character.

She was awarded the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performance in Children’s Programming for her acting role. Her character is also seen in the Descendants series of films, where she portrays Mal.


Dove Cameron has recently been in the spotlight due to her relationship. However, we have mentioned all the details about her dating life and boyfriend.

What is Dove Cameron’s relationship status?

What is Dove Cameron's relationship status?

Recent reports state that Dove Cameron has reportedly been linked to Thomas Doherty as a result of their relationship. It has been about five years, 4 months, and five days since the couple began dating, so roughly it has been about five years, four months, and five days.


There was a long-distance relationship between them, especially since Doherty was stationed in London during the time Cameron was in the United States. As the blonde beauty explains, it was a nice arrangement because they were both in the middle of business dealings and had time to relax.

Dove said that “It’s just so much more romantic and trustworthy when you keep everything to yourself and that it’s absolutely yours and private.” “We’re in a relationship.” This is sort of how we keep everything to ourselves for obvious reasons.”

As a result of the pandemic that has been sweeping the nation, in December 2020, they split up after being together for almost four years. The news of their separation was announced via social media by Dove Cameron herself.


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In what year did Dove Cameron come out?

“I’ll date a man when I’m single / I’ll date a woman when I’m single,” Dove Cameron wrote on October 7, 2020, in an attachment to a tweet that is no longer available.

“This is a confession,” a fellow user replied, “that’s what it feels like?” to which Dove added, “girl, I’ve been bise*ual.”

It has been reported that during the same year, Dove went on social media to talk about her se*uality, calling herself a “superqueer.”.

Dove Cameron boyfriend

The outlet published an interview in 2021 in which Dove talked about growing up queer and the challenges she faced as a young woman. She said at the time, “I went on Instagram live and told everyone that I really had something that I had to explain to you guys.”.

My music is about me expressing myself through my identity, and maybe that’s not what you’ve heard, but I’m super queer. I want to express that through it because that’s who I am.”

Adding to that, Dove stated: “I’ve hinted about my se*uality for a long time, but I’m afraid to tell people exactly what it is.”

Moreover, Dove Cameron has a huge fan following in her social media platfiorms like Twitter and Instagram.

Is Dove Cameron a single woman now?

Currently, it seems that Dove Cameron is single and not dating anybody. As of late, we haven’t seen any sign of a relationship on her Instagram, and she’s not said anything publicly about dating or being around anyone.

After a post on Veronica St., Clair’s social media page appeared, showing the two of them appearing cozy. However, some fans began to speculate that Dove and Veronica St. Clair were romantically involved. Nevertheless, we are unaware of any specific information related to this matter at the present time.

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