Former WWE Referee Dave Hebner Death Has Yet To Be Determined!

A former wrestler, promoter, road agent, and referee, David Hebner was considered an American authority figure in the field of professional wrestling.

Recently Dave Hebner made headlines; however, the news of David Hebner has been circulating very fast. According to the current reports, Dave Hebner age was 73 when they passed away.


Dave Hebner Death News

Dave Hebner Death News

It has been reported that the famed referee Dave Hebner has passed away from an undisclosed illness. As one of the most watched wrestling angles in history, Hebner was involved in one of the most popular matches of all time.

Former race car driver Hermie Sadler announced the news of Dave Hebner illness on May 28; who was involved in pro wrestling at countless moments in the past.


Earlier it has been disclosed that Hebner is suffering from Parkinson’s disease. As reported in Brian Hebner’s podcast Reffin’ It Up, and in his Twitter that, his uncle  Dave Hebner, a legendary referee in the World Wrestling Entertainment, has passed away.

Dave Hebner WWF

The late 70s were the time Hebner’s career began on the east coast before he moved on to the World Wrestling Federation in the early 80s.

His arrival in the company occurred just at the same time as his promotion to international prominence coincided with his emergence in the company.


His career progressed as he worked his way up the company’s ladder, and he became one of the company’s highest officials.   Dave Hebner’s twin brother Earl Hebner is also a referee who has worked with him.

It was a moment in time on February 5, 1988 when Andre the Giant faced Hulk Hogan on The Main Event for the first time in his career and won the WWF Championship and the title when he defeated him for the first time in his career.

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Dave Hebner Cause of death

Dave Hebner Cause of death

According to the reports, we have stated earlier also that Dave was going through a lot, as Dave Hebner’s health was not good. Moreover, he had Parkinson’s disease.

A couple of years before the end of his WWE career, he transitioned from a referee to an agent because Dave Hebner had undergone knee replacement surgery.

It is unknown at this time the cause of death of this man, as his family has not yet revealed it to the public. However, everyone is in shock because of Dave Hebner death.

About Dave Hebner

It is worth mentioning that he spent the majority of his time with WWE until 2005. Later, he would make a few appearances for the TNA Wrestling Network, but he was already pretty much retired by then.

Till the time he worked with WWF, he had achieved immense popularity, and as per the report, Dave Hebner’s net worth has been estimated nearly at $5 million.

On September 20, 1968, Dave and Rebecca were married. He praised his wife, Rebecca, in an interview with Slam Wrestling in 2009, referring to the young girl he met as a teenager and the one he married in 1968. 

However, his death has brought great shock to his friends and family. There is no further information available regarding his death; we can say that currently, his family is trying to overcome this heartbreaking situation.

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