What Is So Fascinating About 50 Cent Girlfriend & His Relationship?

There are only a few rappers/businessmen out there as successful as 50 Cent. In the years since his Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album, which he released under the Shady/Aftermath imprint, he went into selling over 30 million records and signing several lucrative business deals.

He has attested to his street hustler motto of “Get Rich or Die Tryin'” by signing his Reebok deal with G-Unit, partnering with VitaminWater, and investing in a number of companies.


There were women who dated the rap star for years, while there were others who did not have as much fun. 50 Cent’s dating history has spanned from Ciara to his current flame Jamira Haines; here’s a complete and simplified account.

What is Jamira’ Cuban Link’ Haines’ relationship with 50 Cent?

The Instagram influencer and model Jamira Haines, 25, is known as Cuban Link. The owner of Cuban Fit is a fitness trainer, entrepreneur, as well as the owner of a fitness training service.

She also appears in the bio of her Instagram account to be a corporate lawyer who aspires to become a lawyer. According to Haines’ social media accounts, she has more than 1.7 million followers on Instagram, while over 6400 subscribers follow her on YouTube.


When Jamira’ Cuban Link’ Haines and 50 Cent Started Their Relationship?

It was reportedly revealed this week that 50 Cent and Haines started dating in 2019, although it is unclear exactly when the relationship began.

In an interview with People magazine, 50 Cent revealed that, as part of their relationship improvement efforts, he and Haines made vision boards for each other.

During the premiere of the 1950s program Power, 50 Cent met Jamira Haines, an actress, and model from Minneapolis. There was never a dull moment when the two wore their PDAs everywhere that they went over the next few months.


Both musicians shared the stage with each other at the ceremony celebrating the awarding of a star to the ’50s on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in early 2020.

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Together, they created vision boards in order to strengthen their bond

A few days ago, 50 Cent revealed to People that he and Haiss built vision boards designed to get the two of them closer to each other.

Having said that, it would seem as though that is the driving force behind the duo’s amazing relationship. A source close to the rapper shared with the magazine that he had instructed her thirty days beforehand to send him a picture of what she wanted.

We compared the two vision boards at the end of the meeting, making sure to discuss the things that were not aligned.

Does 50 Cent have Kids?

There have been a total of two sons born to 50 Cent in his personal life who are from two different women. While the musician seems to have a strained relationship with his eldest son, Marquez Jackson, having been embroiled in a nasty fight with him, he constantly professes his affection for the younger Jackson, Sire.

Marquise Thompkins was born to 50 Cent’s oldest son, 50 Cent, on October 13, 1997. After 50 Cent and Marquise’s mother, Shaniqua Thompkins, ended their marital relationship in a bitter divorce in 2007, the mother of the child alienated him from his father.

Meanwhile, 50 Cent seems to be more fond of Sir, which is not surprising. Sire, born on September 1, 2012, has already led a high-flying lifestyle while his father Fiddy and ex-girlfriend Daphne Joy were still in their teens.

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