Reason Behind OnlyJayus Controversy: Explained!

As one of TikTok’s biggest creators, Isabella Avila, also known as “OnlyJayus,” has made her mark on the social media app. In the current state of affairs, she is the owner of over 13.6 million followers on the app, as of the time of writing.

Although TikTok has diversified into other platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat, the majority of its content remains focused on “Psychology Tricks” and informational science.


The bottom line is that OnlyJayus is an extremely popular creator across many platforms and has an immense following.

The fact that OnlyJayus seems to be the most uncontroversial of informational celebrities on TikTok does not mean that they have not caused controversy during their tenure there.

A controversy has recently occurred in relation to them as it was recently discovered that a petition was put forward to oppose the posting of the photograph. The petition has garnered over 347,000 signatures. This petition is calling for them to be banned from the platform.


There is a good chance that this petition may be more about expressing opposition to the creator rather than deplatforming them as is the case with most petitions of this nature.

OnlyJayus is also very popular on YouTube, and not only this but she has a huge following on Instagram as well as on Twitter.

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Over 500k petitions to ban Jayus become TikTok’s most hated creator

OnlyJayus Controversy

YouTuber SunnyV2, who is known for documenting the career growth as well as the downfall of well-known influencers on platforms like YouTube, focuses on documenting each influencer’s daily life, learning, and points of growth.

During one of SunnyV2’s videos, where he talked about OnlyJayus, SunnyV2 brought up the controversial personality who came under fire in one way or another.

In spite of its popularity, more than four million viewers have viewed the video. Nowadays, this video has received over 180 000 likes. There is a long-standing reputation that Jayus doesn’t take criticism well and responds to nearly all hate threads that she gets involved in.

This became viral, and the post went viral, and Jayus ended up getting more negative feedback. After Jayus became hostile towards one of the TikTok content creators who was using her videos as inspiration to create their own content, she attempted to expose the content creator who was doing the same thing.

What Is The Reason People Are Angry At OnlyJayus?

OnlyJayus Controversy

The OnlyJayus petition is getting quite a bit of traction on TikTok, but most of the complaints levied against the app are rather vague.

A leaked text message appears to be the source of the petition. OnlyJayus has since confirmed that the leaked text message is legit and the petition is valid.

As determined by the screenshots, OnlyJayus was using racial, homophobic, and other toxic insults in addition to using homophobic slurs.

OnlyJayus was criticized following the fallout of those texts discussions when he intentionally used black creators until he eventually ghosted them.

Despite having released an apology video, OnlyJayus received widespread criticism for this video for appearing to be unauthentic. There are several other complaints made in the petition, the most pressing of which relates to the now-defunct TikTok was deemed “ableist.”

There has since been an apology from OnlyJayus regarding the leaked texts, which offered a number of promising commitments with regards to collaborating with black creators going forward.

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OnlyJayus Petition – What Are Its Goals?

OnlyJayus Controversy

The petition creator is unclear on how they plan to achieve this goal, but they have just one goal in mind: to ban OnlyJayus from TikTok.

The creator of Vanellope Von Addams, who has the 300K petition, clarified what her next step will be in his petition update.

According to the update, there are other creators who are planning on releasing their own coverage about OnlyJayus, as well as stating their own goals to garner more media attention regarding the project.

The petition originally did not give a clear roadmap to its end goal, however, OnlyJayus has since offered a clear target by posting a video to one of their TikTok accounts explaining exactly what they intend to try to accomplish with the petition.

OnlyJayus’ attitude toward the petition has been and continues to be, quite casual, openly mocking it ever since it was created.

In response to the petition, they took it to Twitter, laughing it off and wishing OnlyJayus luck as she tries to get 13.5 million signatures on her petition, the number of followers she has on TikTok.

Only creator that did not like Jayus’ apology was Black creators

OnlyJayus Controversy

OnlyJayus has received criticism from several Black creators over what they perceive to be a weak, half-hearted, calculated apology. A  video in which activist @morgan.thecreator explains “everything he disliked about OnlyJayus’ apology”.

In their notes, they pointed out a variety of things, including Avila’s “fake crying” and their scripted apology as well as their belief that using the n-word was the best way to get back at the cop.

TikToker @sietesays shared a similar feeling. OnlyJayus was not only using the n-word casually but was intentionally using the term in such a manner as to slander and defame someone who likes and appreciates Black people.

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Final Word

Because of this incident, most of her sponsors have decided to stop supporting her, as the news spread like wildfire through social media platforms.

A huge project she had planned for Netflix was a podcast she would host for the streaming service, but this is another thing that will be scrapped.

After so many controversies attached to her profile and almost all her videos were received with immense backlash, almost every video she produced on TikTok received intense backlash.

There have been countless back-to-back scandals and controversies that caused OnlyJayus to be one of the most hated creators on TikTok because of his back-to-back content creation indiscretions.