Little Women Season 2: When Will It Be Released?

Do you watch Korean shows? If yes, you might have seen the recently running TV show Little Women. Little Women is one of the most loved Korean shows due to its unique storyline. The show was directed by Kim Hee-won and had many jaw-dropping moments. These moments and the screenplay contributed a lot to the success of the show.

The show’s success can be judged by looking at the request the makers received for the second season of Little Women. Please read this article to know everything related to Little Women’s Season 2.


Little Women Season 2 Release Date

Little Women, a show directed beautifully by Kim Hee-won, is one of the most talked about Korean shows in recent times. The show was released in early 2022 and was loved immensely by the audience. 

The show featured a total of 12 episodes and all of them were received pretty well by the audience. It was rated very highly on the social platform.

Looking at the love from the audience and respecting their requests, the show’s makers have recently confirmed the arrival of the second Little Women. 


However, any updates regarding the release date of the show are awaited. We may get the second edition of Little Women by 2023.

Little Women Season 2 Cast

As of now, nothing is clear about the cast of the show’s second season. However, the possible star cast that might be seen in the second edition of Little Women are:

  • Oh Gong Min-jeung can be seen as JJug Mari
  • Yim Ji-hyun can be seen as JunOh In-kyung
  • Kim Mi-sook can be seen as Oh Hye-seok
  • Kim Go-eun can be seen as Oh In-Ju
  • Park Ji-hu can be seen as Oh In-hye
  • Kang Hoon can be seen as Ha Jong-ho
  • Park So-yi can be seen as young Oh In-ju
  • Cho Seung-Yeon can be seen as Jo Wan-gyu

Little Women Season 2 Plot

The show’s first season was very interesting and depicted one of the unique stories to be displayed in recent times. The show’s first season presents us with the struggles in the life of three sisters. 


The show beautifully depicts the underprivileged background of the three sisters. But society gives them a chance to make their lives better.

They then indulge in a conspiracy of losing their 70 billion won. Later half then takes us to the roller coaster ride where we see how these three girls give their best in improving their life. 

This screen-sticking storyline has made this show one of the most anticipated shows of 2022. The second edition of Little Women will work as an extension of the show.

When Will The Trailer For Little Women Season 2 be Released?

Till today nothing regarding the release date and storyline of Little Women has been disclosed by the makers. Keep following us for all the updates on the second season. Till then, you can enjoy the trailer of Little Women Season 1.

Platforms To Watch Little Women Season 2

To stream Little Women season 2 online, you must visit the Netflix app. Like the first season, it is expected that the show’s second season might be released on Netflix. To view any show on Netflix, you need to buy a subscription.

IMDB ratings And Public Reviews On Little Women Season 2

A major factor for any show to have its succession is public reviews. Little Women stands tall on this expectation and has received a great response from the audience, making it one of the rated shows in recent times. IMDB ratings show the same. A total of 12 episodes of season 1 have received an average rating of 7.8.

Final Words

This article was written to explain to the web series fans the release date of the second season of Little Women. The post starts with the announcement of the release date, and then we move to the expected cast and plot of the show’s second edition. Then we discussed the trailer and streaming platform of On Little Women Season 2.

Through this article, we successfully cleared your doubts about On Little Women Season 2. Ask your doubts and suggest changes below.


Is The Little Women Season 1 Released On Netflix?

You can now watch The Little Women’s first edition on Netflix.

When Will Little Women Season 2 Be Released?

The second season of Little Women is expected to be released by early 2023 on Netflix.

Will There Be Any Changes In The Cast Of Little Women Season 2?

By looking at the first season’s success, it is almost unlikely to see the replacement of any major character. However, we can expect some new and interesting characters to spice up the story.